Find Local Delicacies at East Van’s Le Marche St. George

This new cornerstore-style grocery offers a cornucopia of local delicacies in East Vancouver

Le Marché St. George offers high-quality local, organic and gourmet foods

Le Marche St. George, a new neighbourhood grocery in East Vancouver, offers a cornucopia of local delicacies

The big-box retailers have their purpose, but don’t we all yearn for the good old-fashioned experience, wares and service of the quaint corner store of yesteryear?

Le Marché St. George (4393 St. George, Vancouver) is just that kind of haven. A curated gallery of beautiful household necessities and high-quality local, organic and gourmet foods, plus a tempting café menu, the offerings at Le Marché promise the perfect balance of beauty, utility and sustainability.

This store might be worth changing neighbourhoods for. The Farm House cheeses, D-Original sausages and Beta 5 chocolate products are just a few of the small-batch local delicacies. And the table linens and modern hand-thrown pottery are totally crush-worthy.

Their website blog? Also delightful.

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