ManCakes Bakery Makes a Manly Cupcake

ManCakes Bakery flips cupcake expectations upside down

ManCakes Bakery doesn’t make your typical treat

For Geoff, Jeremy and Tyler, the men behind ManCakes Bakery, a good cupcake should be focused on flavour not frill. Growing tired of unsatisfying local options, they started their own line of tasty temptations with a unique twist. ManCakes offers 12 flavours of food-and-drink-inspired desserts that you would never expect in cake form.

Their products are divided into two categories: a day pack, featuring food-inspired flavours; and a night pack, featuring drink-derived tastes. Or if you’d like to taste test them all, ManCakes offers mini packs full of bite-sized samples. The best part is that all cupcakes are baked fresh daily in a 100 per cent nut-free environment.

ManCakes recently opened a new retail location at 288 Robson Street (between Hamilton and Cambie) where their testosterone-influenced treats are accompanied by refreshing cold beverages and 49th Parallel coffee. Or if their downtown shop isn’t convenient for you, take advantage of their delivery service.

Day Pack – Apple-Brie

The most sophisticated of men can now enjoy their apple and brie appetizer in cupcake form. This spice-based cake is filled with sweet apple cider jelly and topped with a brie buttercream and crushed pretzel brittle.

Day Pack – Bacon Chili Chocolate

Bacon and chili – was there ever a manlier combo? The chocolate cake base is filled with ancho chili chocolate buttercream and topped with vanilla buttercream and crumbled bacon. To answer our own question: No.

Day Pack – King Kong

The King Kong of cupcakes… what more can we say? A chocolate cupcake filled with banana cream and topped with marshmallow and chocolate shavings.

Day Pack – Pink Peppercorn Grapefruit

ManCakes markets the Pink Peppercorn Grapefruit as a man’s best tactic to win over a sweet-toothed lady. But this girly cake is still a far cry from ordinary. The vanilla base is filled with pink grapefruit flavour and topped with vanilla buttercream, a french macaroon and ground pink peppercorn. (And those other suitors thought the macaroons alone would be enough.)

Day and Night Packs – Breakfast

We’re sold on the whole breakfast-for-dinner idea, but ManCakes is taking the concept one step further with their breakfast-for-dessert cupcake. The vanilla cupcake is filled with bacon and egg custard, topped with maple syrup buttercream (of course!) and crumbled granola tulle.

Day and Night Packs – Buffalo Wing Cupcake

Arguably the most attention-seeking creation is the integration of buffalo wing flavour into a cupcake. Combining a bunch of delicious things has to yield a delicious result, right? Try this spice-based cupcake filled with baked blue cheesecake mousse and topped with hot sauce buttercream and crisy chicken sprinkles.

Night Pack – Chocolate Red Wine

ManCakes are on a mission with their Chocolate Red Wine cupcake. They’re combining the most delectable of aphrodisiacs to close off your dinner date. A chocolate base filled with mascarpone mousse and red wine gelée, topped with vanilla buttercream and a dark chocolate disk… that does sound seductive.

Night Pack – Rum and Coke

This classic highball had to be transformed into a ManCakes treat. The vanilla based cake is filled with cola cream and topped with rum buttercream. Simple and reliable, just like the drink itself.

Night Pack – Tequila Pineapple

This is ManCakes Bakery’s best attempt at offering you a winter escape. As you bite into the spice base filled with pineapple cream and topped with tequila buttercream and roasted pineapple sprinkles, the Vancouver precipitation will momentarily disappear.

Night Pack – Whiskey Lime

With the whiskey lime cupcake, these dessert artists turn a man’s drink into a man’s dessert. The spice-based cupcake is filled with whiskey ganach and topped with white chocolate lime icing and lime sugar. Anyone up for a second round?

This Christmas give the gift of cupcakes

ManCakes Bakery is offering gift cards just in time for the holidays. If you have a hard-to-buy-for man in your life, and can’t justify another year of socks and neck ties, some Bacon Chili Chocolate ManCakes just might fit the bill.

And while you’re stocking up on holiday gifts, give their special seasonal flavour a try. Jeremy describes the concoction as, “all of your favourite Christmas ingredients combined into a cupcake”.

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