My favourite local ingredient: Pacific halibut

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen's executive chef on his favourite local ingredient.

Why Pacific halibut is one of Vancouver chef William Tse’s favourite fish


I love Ocean Wise Pacific halibut for the mild and delicate flavour of its white glossy flesh. As the climate changes, I like to pair my halibut with Brussels sprouts and baby fingerling potatoes grown right here in the Fraser Valley. 

Making a marinade of sake, soy, lemongrass, ginger, thyme and Thai bird chilies will help enhance the natural flavours of the halibut. I enjoy the subtle flavours of the marinade and when combined with texture of halibut it is a match made in heaven.

I also enjoy it as fish and chips, steamed with wonderful ingredients such as ginger and scallions; it can be baked and served with a citrus coconut sauce, grilled and finished with a tomato chili XO sauce.

Halibut is good no matter how you cook it, and being able to get it fresh here in Vancouver is a bonus. The saltiness of the soy and the heat from the chilies will help balance the earthiness of the Brussels sprouts and the potatoes. A dish such as this fuses local West Coast ingredients with flavours of the Pacific Rim.  When in season there is nothing better; I love the flavour, the texture and the versatility of halibut.”

William Tse is the executive chef of Vancouver’s Goldfish Pacific Kitchen.

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