Richmond Country Farms: The best local produce

Fill up two cloth shopping bags with fruits and vegetables for $10-15.

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We love food and cooking with fresh produce—especially when it’s on the cheap

My favourite place to get local produce is Richmond Country Farms, at the north end of Massey Tunnel in Richmond.

Country Farms has spoiled me so much that I absolutely detest buying produce at the local grocery stores. The fruits and vegetables at this local market are fresher, less expensive, richer in colour and, in most cases, larger than their supermarket counterparts.

Plus, most of their products are locally grown, within the Lower Mainland or BC!


Mushroom comparison

The other day I desperately needed mushrooms for some stuffed mushroom caps. I bought them from the local supermarket but they were small and somewhat bruised. Yesterday I went to Country Farms and they were much larger, whiter and fresher than the supermarket ones. They tasted a million times better, too!


Local produce prices

The prices at Richmond Country Farms are also very good. For example, I can usually fill one or two cotton shopping bags with fruits and vegetables for between $10–15. Quite often they have two large bunches of spinach for $1, and last week they offered three big bunches of the largest green onions I’ve ever seen for $1 and truckloads of sweet corn at three for $1.

I try to go about once a week. Yesterday, I bought some Okanagan Cherries and I made a fresh cherry pie. Despite a minor incident with the knife I used to remove the pits from the cherries, it was very good!

Check them out on your next produce shopping trip and you’ll see why I’m excited about them!

Country Farms is open from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day from about April to December.


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Transit directions from Vancouver

If coming by SkyTrain, take the new Canada Line to Richmond-Brighouse, then take bus #403 (3 Road-Richmond Centre).

If coming from downtown Vancouver, take #602 (Tsaww. Heights), #351 (Crescent Beach) or #601 (South Delta)

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