Six Acres, the perfect Gastown hangout

Old-town charm and mid-century kitsch served with a side of scrumptious.

Credit: Flickr / jawcey

Flickr / jawcey

Six Acres’s comfort food and great beer list make it the perfect Gastown hangout

On the recommendation of a friend, Oliver and I went to Six Acres, a new(ish) pub and restaurant in Gastown. And then we went again, and again.

Six Acres has everything we want in a restaurant: good beer list, a variety of vegetarian food and good, quick service. We’ve now been three times, and each time we’ve had excellent service, food and drinks.

The atmosphere is a cross between old-town Vancouver and mid-century kitsch, playing off the restaurant’s location in city’s oldest brick building—and on the original site as Gassy Jack‘s Deighton Hotel.

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Six Acres Pub & Restaurant

203 Carrall St, Vancouver


Open Monday to Saturday,

5 p.m.–1 a.m.

The restaurant has exposed brick walls, and small and cozy tables. The menus are made from mid-century elementary school books. Old games of Scrabble are prominently displayed, and you can hear old radio shows playing on a loop in the bathroom. Plus, there’s a wall of autographed celebrity photos. At first I thought, “This is amazing, they even have one from the Queen of England,” until I realized the photos weren’t real… But it did make me laugh.

The menu at Six Acres is basically North American comfort food that’s perfect for sharing, with a mix of Mexican (nachos, quesadillas) and European/Italian (cheese and bread, sausages, pizza), along with dips and salads.

We went most recently on a Monday night for dinner, and yet again had a wonderful time. Our first dish was My Precious Pizza, which was served on a pita shell. It was pretty good, but not my favourite. Our next dish was the Grilled Pineapple Nachos. While the idea of nachos topped with pineapples sounds a bit weird, it was fantastic (and huge). We were planning on ordering more, but the nachos, which included housemade tortilla chips, were so filling that we were completely satisfied.

Six Acres has a great beer list, too, with an abundance of Canadian and local BC micro-brews. We shared two large beers between us: one was Victoria-based Phillips Double Dragon Red Ale and the other a La Maudite Strong Ale, from Quebec.

We’ve been looking for a new hangout in the downtown area, and I think we found it in Six Acres. My only complaint relates to their hours: closed Sundays and not open during the day on Saturdays.



Locals Meera Bennett and Oliver Pulleyblank love going to music shows, checking out local art and culture, and eating good vegetarian food. In their spare time, both are lawyers working for “the man.”


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