Must-try Dishes at the Third Annual Poutine Challenge

Celebrate fries, gravy and cheese curds the old-fashioned way – by eating them – at the Third Annual Poutine Challenge

Credit: Flickr / pkingDesign

Celebrate fries, gravy and cheese curds the old fashioned way – by eating them! – at the Third Annual Poutine Challenge

Presented by Vancouver Foodster, The Third Annual Poutine Challenge is an opportunity for restaurants in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to turn one of Canada’s culinary classics on its head with new recipes and flavours. From curry to beef brisket and beyond, you can try these original poutine dishes Feb. 7-28 and vote for your favourite poutine – based on originality, creativity, uniqueness, price, value and taste – to crown a winner.

Vij’s Rangoli Restaurant

Vij’s Rangoli Restaurant infuses a bit of spice into this classic with their “Paneer Poutine” creation. Curry-based spicy pulled pork and Vij’s own panch phoron (spice blend) gravy combine to make an original flavour that packs plenty of punch. Instead of traditional potato fries, Vij’s will use cassava (a versatile root plant) fries. The use of Indian flavours adds some heat and excitement to this dish.

Locus Restaurant & Lounge

After revamping their menu to include a Sunday dinner and renovating their interior to include a new bar, Locus Restaurant & Lounge has one more trick up their sleeve: They’ve decided to re-invent the poutine. Using mostly local, organic and free range ingredients, Locus turns everyday poutine into culinary cuisine with the addition of a wild boar topped with pork crackling and seared foie gras. 

Federico’s Supper Club

Federico’s Supper Club‘s poutine challenge creation remains true to classic poutine flavours while adding an Italian twist. Hand-cut fries will be topped with Romano bean gravy, melted fontina cheese, local Italian sausage and rosemary to make a simplistic but mouth-watering poutine. This year also marks Federico’s 15-year anniversary, so stop by to celebrate and enjoy a dining experience complete with entertainment, dancing and authentic Italian dishes. 

Credit: Buckstop


Buckstop is a BBQ saloon focused on providing guests with made-in-house menu items (seriously, they even make their own ketchup!) and putting an original spin on comfort food while preserving the tried-and-true methods of traditional southern BBQ. Sticking to what they know, Buckstop’s poutine challenge dish will include PEI grass-fed beef brisket with a horseradish gravy and smoked cheese curds.

Credit: Pier 73

Pier 73

If you don’t live in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, but want to take part in the fun, don’t worry – Pier 73 in Richmond has got Lower Mainland poutine lovers covered. Enjoy views of the Fraser River while you try their hearty poutine served with house fries and topped with flat iron steak, buttermilk fried onions, pickled mushrooms, curds and dark chicken gravy in a cast iron bowl. 

Calabash Bistro

Dinner at Calabash Bistro is always a flavour adventure with its Caribbean-inspired menu and Chef Culin David’s Pepperpot Poutine is no exception. Combining the flavours of Jamaican food with traditional poutine, Calabash Bistro’s challenge contender features jerk pork belly and melted Brie cheese served over fries.