Top 5 Coolest Ice Cream Spots in Vancouver This Summer

There's nothing better than a cold serving of ice cream on a hot summer day.

Our expert ice cream investigators traverse the streets of Vancouver to find the best ice-cream in the city

Best ice cream in the city

“The hardest part was the research,” says fellow ice cream investigator Jen Keiller, and I would have to agree. Luckily, we’re believers in hard work for the greater good, so after hitting the coolest spots in the city—not to mention enduring brain freezes and sugar highs—we bring to you our top five cool-treat destinations this summer.

Genuine old-style gelato from Bella Gelateria

Where: 1001 West Cordova—corner of Burrard and Cordova

Bella Gelateria is genuine old-style gelato, made from fresh local ingredients that are prepared daily in small batches using classic Italian tools.

What’s so cool about it? Their motto is “we do it in front of everyone,” and it's true, they have nothing to hide. You won’t find any preservatives or thickeners in their gelato; they use all organic milk and their fruits are sourced locally.

Favourite flavour: Get the cheerful staff to help you pair two or three complementing flavours. Who would have thought lavender and cappuccino would make such a delicious couple?

Ice cream investigators get serious: Our expectations were already high—this gelato recently received a Carpigiani’s Gelato Pioneers award, and after tasting it we know why. The flavours are totally unique; from black sesame, to rosewater and saffron, lychee, Earl Grey tea to Mike’s Hard Lemonade. It's incredible. Say no more, you just have to try it!

Indulge at 7 Sweet Sins

Where: 683 Abbott St. near Roger’s Arena

7 Sweet Sins is an adorable little ice cream parlour with 30 different flavours of Gelato, ice cream and frozen yogurt. They’ve got your good old-fashioned favourites covered, as well as fun flavours like banana fudge and after dinner mint ice cream.

What’s so cool about it? The whimsical pink décor won us over immediately. It’s set up like an old fashioned ice cream parlour with lots of little places to sit and devour your icy treat. Plus, they have a wall of origami where people can post sweet little notes. Too cute!

Favourite flavour: It was too close to call between the green tea gelato and the after dinner mint ice cream.

Ice cream investigators get serious: We liked this place because it has everything: gelato, ice cream and frozen yogurt, so if you go with a group everyone leaves smiling.

Scoop your own toppings at Scoop!

Where: 2050 West 4th Ave—Kitsilano

Grab some delicious soft serve frozen yogurt from Scoop!, then pile on toppings like pomegranate, strawberries, blueberries, kiwifruit, mango, sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows, M&Ms and granola. Next, drizzle on the chocolate, caramel, raspberry and marshmallow sauces.

What’s so cool about it? The scoop-your-own-toppings thing rocked our world. We also liked that they had nutritional information e.g. Frozen yogurt has over 1000,000 probiotics per gram. So you can have your ice cream and eat it too!

Our favourite flavour: Just go with original and then load up on toppings and sauces! Make sure you try the famous Mochi bites.

Ice cream investigators get serious: So many ice cream places are about ordering your ice cream and getting out of dodge, but Scoop has a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that exudes fun, which might have something to do with the funky art, the stacks of board games and the foosball table!

Designer ice-cream at Marble Slab

Where: 1184 Denman St

Marble Slab is all about choice; choose your own cone from their massive selection, choose from their 45 flavours of ice cream and then choose what to mix-in.

They have all kinds of amazing 'mix-ins'. Everything from pecans and walnuts to cherries, blueberries, raspberries and all kinds of chocolate chips and sprinkles. Plus, brownies, marshmallows, Snickers and Reese’s Pieces.

What’s so cool about it? What child hasn't dreamt of inventing their very own ice cream flavour? Live the dream at Marble Slab, where you get to design your own flavour and then watch your 'mix-ins' get crushed into your ice cream. What’s not to love?

Fave flavour: The cheesecake creations with lots of fresh blueberries, strawberries and graham crackers.

Ice cream investigators get serious: There are so many decisions to be made that it's easy to become overwhelmed, but stick with it, Marble Slab ice-cream is seriously delicious. Beware of the crowds on a sunny day though—this place is popular, but it's worth the wait!

Fresh waffle cones and 518+ flavours at La Casa Gelato

Where: 1033 Venables St

La Casa Gelato began as a pizza place, with only 12 flavours of gelato. They now have one of the biggest selections of gelato in the city, currently 518 flavours and there's always a new creation just around the corner.

What’s so cool about it? There are 218 flavours available at any one time and they make their own waffle cones on site so the shop smells amazing.

Fave flavour: It was too hard to choose, just get lots of tasters and if you can’t decide on a single flavour get a selection—ice cream envy is never becoming.

Ice cream investigators get serious: We found the variety and choices almost overwhelming but luckily they encourage everyone to try before they buy!