Vancouver savvy sushi and seafood guide

Granville's guide to sushi, seafood, and eating the right fish in Vancouver.

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The guide to Vancouver’s finest sushi

With more than 200 sushi joints in Vancouver, deciding where to grab a quick tataki can be overwhelming. Enter our (highly subjective) guide to five of the finest sushi joints in town.

Good fish, bad fish

Good fish, bad fish

Do sustainable seafood programs really make a difference?

Floating Dining Room

Fine dining on the SS Floating Dining Room

A memorable meal on the School of Fish Foundation’s Floating Dining Room puts a lens on dire state of our oceans while offering a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.


GREEN: What is the best way to eat sushi?

Sustainable sushi may seem elusive, but it boils down to considering four points.

The Sushi Vacuum

REALITY: The sushi vacuum

All-you-can-eat sushi: “I can’t see, and I feel like a beached sea lion under a beached walrus under a beached whale, but I got my money’s worth!”

Sustainable sushi

Sustainable sushi (slowly) makes its way to the Lower Mainland

Good crustacean information is hard to find, but we’ve got help…


PodMob uses consumer power to effect change

PodMob is a grassroots campaign to get Vancouver sushi chefs to incorporate sustainable best practices into their menus.

Sustainable sushi

Sustainable sushi?

A grassroots campaign leads local sushi chefs to think about sustainability.


Be seafood smart

Some Vancouverites are chowing down without realizing they’re not eating the most sustainable selections.