Vancouver’s Best Pie Places

Shut your pie hole with these sweet and savoury local pies

Credit: The Pie Hole

Here’s a taste of the city’s most delicious pies

Lemon meringue, banana cream, key lime… mac ‘n’ cheese? Not only does Vancouver serve up some seriously tasty pie, bakers city-wide are finding creative ways to think outside the crust. Here are our top picks for local pie.


Aphrodite’s Organic Café & Pie Shop

This cosy café on West 4th has been a favourite among pie lovers since 2003. With a focus on organic and in-season ingredients, Aphrodite’s keeps its fillings as close to home as possible, with fruits and berries purchased from local microfarmers.

Try: It may not technically count as pie, but the double chocolate beet cake is to die for (trust us, you won’t taste the beets)!

3598 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Credit: Aussie Pie Guy

Aussie Pie Guy

Forget kangaroos and Vegemite – Australia is known for its savoury pies. And there’s no better place to get an authentic “Down Under” than the Aussie Pie Guy food truck at the corner of Hamilton and West Georgia. While most menu items provide a good, square meal on their own, feel free to “make it epic” by topping your selection with mashed potatoes, mushy peas and gravy for just $2.

Try: The Aussie Pie is “localized” with chunks of free-range B.C. beef in a pepper gravy that includes Howe Sound Rail Ale from Squamish.

Various locations:

Credit: The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole

From old favourites to bold new creations, this boutique bakery goes where no pie has gone before. Supplying kitchens and cafés across town, the Pie Hole’s expansive offerings include more good stuff than we can mention – from S’more pie (lightly toasted, no campfire required) to maple French toast bacon pie (breakfast in pie form) to mac ‘n’ cheese pie (topped with a panko parm crumble).

Try: Forget cake pops – pie pops come in a variety of flavours and, for certain special occasions like Valentine’s Day, shapes.

Various locations:

Credit: Black Rook Bakehouse

Black Rook Bakehouse

This East Hastings eatery may serve all kinds of baked goods, but many diners return for the pie. Featuring many of the classics – Dutch apple pie, strawberry-rhubarb pie and coconut cream pie, among others – Black Rook Bakehouse also offers cool creations like pear, walnut and blackberry pie and pecan-bourbon pie.

Try: The four-inch hickory ham and cheddar, oven-roasted vegetable and tarragon chicken pot pies are fresh, flaky and flavourful.

2141 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Credit: Tartine Bread and Pies

Tartine Bread and Pies

Situated on breezy Beach Avenue, this dessert and sandwich shop’s made many “Best of Vancouver” lists since it first started rolling dough in 2002. Tried, tasted and true, Tartine’s maple cream apple pie, double crust lemon pie and raspberry sour cream pie are among ravenous customers’ all-time faves.

Try: Looking for a bite-sized treat? Try a sour cherry tart – smaller than a whole pie, just as big in flavour.

770 Beach Avenue, Vancouver

The Pie Shoppe

This Chinatown pie-maker’s mission is simple: serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return for. Its business plan, too, is straightforward: make a set number of pies each day and stay open until they sell out. In other words, don’t dawdle if you want a classic apple pie, chocolate pecan pie, pumpkin pie or mincemeat pie from the Pie Shoppe – you could be out of luck.

Try: Though the Pie Shoppe only makes its much-sought-after “gluten-less” pies on weekends, you can special order one any time.

721 Gore Avenue, Vancouver

Pekoe Tea Lounge

Pekoe Tea in Fairview showcases its yummy pies (available whole or by the slice) in its front window, making it nearly impossible to stroll past without salivating. Made fresh in-house nightly by a real, hat-donning pastry chef, these fruit and cream creations come in regular and gluten-free/vegan variety – check out the daily selection in the glass display case (you can’t miss it).

Try: For a true a-la-mode experience, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to your slice of pie for just $0.75.

895 West Broadway, Vancouver

Credit: Savary Island Pie Company

Savary Island Pie Company

Savary Island is often described as a sandy sliver off B.C.’s Sunshine Coast, but you don’t have to take a ferry to taste this little slice of heaven. West Vancouver is home to Savary Island Pie Company, purveyor of pies just like (or better than) mom’s.

Try: Bring your own seasonal fruit for a custom-made pie!

1533 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

Credit: Tarts Bakery

Tarts Bakery

Is a tart a pie? Is a pie a tart? Questions like these can really cut into valuable eating time, so why not just head to Tarts Bakery near South Granville and judge for yourself? From classic butter tarts to jalapeno poppers, these topless tarts certainly taste as good as any pie we’ve had!

Try: Make any occasion super special with a celebratory tart topped with a personal message.

1509 West Broadway, Vancouver

Credit: Vancouver Farmer's Markets

Pie Bake Off

We’re tingling with anticiPIEtion for this year’s bevy of bake-offs, hosted annually by Vancouver Farmers Markets. Challenging all bakers to create the most delicious pies using local, seasonal ingredients – like B.C.-grown berries in summer and apples, pears and squash in fall – these culinary competitions are a truly tasty way to meet your baker, and get your just desserts!

2014 Pie Bake-Offs:

Berry Festival, July 17, Main Street Station Farmers Market (B.C. berry pies)

Harvest Festival, October 19, West End Farmers Market (B.C. fall fruit pies)