9 Chef-recommended Delivery and Takeout Restaurants in Vancouver

Chinese, Mexican, pizza + more—the city's top chefs reveal their favourite spots to dial up and pick up a meal

Pick up or dial up deliciousness from these top delivery and takeout spots in the city

Sometimes the most delicious meal of all is the one you bring home in a bag. Or maybe it’s the one that arrives by delivery guy, piping hot to your door after you’ve had a rough day. Delivery and takeout food often gets a bad rap, but let’s be honest, we all love itand frankly, hasn’t it saved our lives over and over again (I’m talking to you, hangover Sunday)?

With that in mind, we decided to check in with our favourite chefs to find out where their go-to take out and delivery spots are (and yes, they love takeout tacos just as much as we do)…

Bestie, 105 East Pender Street

Recommended by chef Shin Suzuki, Pidgin

“If you’re anywhere near Chinatown’s Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, then you’re also near this must-visit window on East Pender Street. Order Bestie’s Currywurst, an all-natural sausage sliced and served with curried ketchup over crispy fries. The combo tastes as amazing as it sounds and I get it to take away and eat in the park.”

Credit: Hamid Attie

Maenam, 1938 West 4th Avenue

Recommended by chef Jefferson Alvarez, Mosquito

“I live in Tsawwassen and there’s not much delivery there, so I go to pick up my takeout when I’m on my way home—and that always means Maenam. The food is the best Thai in town, hands down, and if I am gonna eat takeout, I am gonna eat the best take out! Their coconut soup is my wife’s favourite, but I’ll try and get the special rib if it’s on offer, which is braised with a sweet-sour peppercorn sauce, or the eight-spice lingcod. I usually get the fermented sausage salad, too… actually, the whole menu is amazing!”

On Lok Restaurant & Won-Ton House, 2010 East Hastings Street

Recommended by chef Tobias Grignon, Mamie Taylor’s

“My favourite place for takeout is On Lok Restaurant & Won-Ton House. I love getting their BBQ pork wonton soup with extra broccoli. It’s delicious and is my go-to meal on my way home from work.”

Molli Cafe, 1225 Burrard Street

Recommended by chef Keev Mah, Sai Woo

“Vancouver is an amazing city, much more so in the summer, when your choice of outdoor activities are in abundance. I love spending time on my beach blanket, reading or listening to music at one of my favourite logs at a local beach.

“What is even better is having food made with love in your picnic basket. Whenever I am unable to make it myself, looking for a place that serves great food isn’t hard. Molli Cafe is one of these places where the owners are passionate and care about serving delicious Mexican-inspired fare. While their tacos are great, I find a nice hearty torta more picnic-friendly food and a lot less messy. The chorizo or lamb when it’s on the menu is always a delicious choice. Don’t forget a cold horchata beverage for something to cool you down. Next stop, finding that log on the beach or a nice park bench.”

Credit: Yuji's

Yuji’s From Japan, 2083 Alma Street

Recommended by chef David Hawksworth, Hawksworth

“My favourite takeout spot is Yuji’s From Japan at 4th and Alma. I get whatever the daily special is along with anything that Yuji suggests. Yuji’s serves fantastic sushi and I love the exciting experience of having him create authentic, seasonal Japanese dishes for me.”

Credit: Arturo's

Arturo’s Mexican To Go Food Truck, Howe & West Cordova Street

Recommended by chef Matsu, Miku

“I used to live in Los Angeles for nine years and miss good Mexican food. I do speak a little bit of Spanish and I like to chat to the owner at Arturo’s, who’s always super friendly and remembers his customers. I usually order the Carne Asada burrito because it’s simple, with a good balance of fillings, and you have the choice of how spicy you want it. Whenever I eat it, it reminds me of my time in California. I always pick this truck because it’s close to work and I don’t have a lot of time to eat, but my favourite part is really speaking with the owner and the camaraderie while I’m waiting for my order to be filled.”

Los Amigos Taqueria, 1118 Davie Street

 Recommended by chef Dan Lindsey, Grotto

“My preference for takeout varies greatly on several variables: how long I’ve been working, what time I finish work, what I’ve eaten that day, and what’s open. Normally the latter plays the biggest part in what I eat on any given night.

“Lately, I’ve found myself on quite a taco binge. Los Amigos on Davie Street is a short walk from work and they have amazing tacos either for dine-in or takeout. I actually prefer takeout because they’re not licensed and who doesn’t enjoy a cool cerveza with Mexican food? It’s normally my girlfriend and me eating, so we’ll get one of every taco. The Lengua (braised beef tongue) is my favourite thoughit’s really authentic and reminds me of the last time I went to Mexico with my mom where I had the most amazing tacos out of an old bus on the side of the road.”

Credit: Bella Pizza

Bella Pizza, various locations

Recommended by chef Andrea Carlson, Burdock & Co.

“My favourite takeout comes from Bella Pizza. I always get the one that comes with capicollo, mushrooms, onion, sausage and olives. I like it because it’s consistentalways hot and well-made. I have ordered from the regular menu with mixed results, but that one never disappoints.”

Credit: Panago

Panago Pizza, various locations

Recommended by Chef Daniel McGee, Au Comptoir

“I order Panago. It’s a bit nostalgic from the days of pizza night as a kid (it was Panagopolous back then). It’s usually on my day off after a long work week, a long night… possibly some drinks. So when I’m a bit fragile, it’s so damn comforting to place a pizza order online and it arrives to your door. They’re consistent, and their jalapeño ranch dip is the best. Pilgrimme on Galiano actually had a course with jalapeño ranchnot sure if that was their inspiration but it was awesome!”

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