8 Great Waffle Spots in Vancouver

Whether you're looking for sweet or savory, Liège, bubble or Belgian, these local restaurants will satisfy your waffle cravings

Credit: Medina Cafe

Looking for the best waffles in the city? Here’s who’s serving up some of our favourite breakfast treats right now…

Acknowledged waffle champs, Cafe Medina (pictured) and Chambar can sure serve up a mighty fine waffle, but there are a bunch of other spots in town that are rocking a hot waffle iron and making magic too.

Click through for our eight of our new favourite places to go for waffles, whether that’s sweet or savoury, Liège, bubble or Belgian…

Wowderffle, 213-1610 Robson

You’ll have to hunt this waffle spot out. It’s tucked away in the mall in the 1600 block of Robson, but once you’ve tracked ’em down, you’ll be rewarded with superb cooked-from-scratch bubble waffles. Go spicy with pepperoni, tuna or the ham and corn, or sweet with flavours such as matcha-adzuki or my favourite peanut butter. They often have seasonal fruity specials too.

Credit: Just Waffles

Just Waffles, 3531 East Hastings Street

Yup, taking the guesswork out of restaurant names, the fine folks at East Hasting’s Just Waffles only serve… waffles. If you’re unfamiliar with these guys, you should probably get acquainted soon because along with their all-day double-egg-and-bacon-breakfast waffles, they also serve savoury herb-and-garlic-pizza waffles topped with treats such as pulled pork and spicy buffalo chicken.

Nero, 1703 Robson Street and 1002 Seymour Street

Dive face first into these phenomenal Liège waffles on Robson near Denman, perfect for post-pub scoffing at the weekend, as they’re open till midnight (last call 30 minutes before closing). Once tried, Nero’s waffles are basically a habit for life. Try the orange mousse or table-bangingly superb Dame Blanche with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and dark, dark Belgian chocolate.

Credit: Miura

Miura, 2521 Main Street

One of Mount Pleasant’s funkiest waffle outlets, the fine folk at Miura also offer Asian small plates and they’re licensed and do a great line in sake cocktails. But… to the waffles! You can go spicy or sweet with waffle burgers, Korean fried chicken waffle sandwiches and the avocado tempura waffles. Waffle-based brunch is served all day (woohoo!) as are sweet waffles, such as the Fluffy Cloud with cheesecake mousse, ice cream and whipped cream.

Le Petit Belge, 340 Robson Street

Head to the Hamilton Street end of Robson for a trip to Euro-waffle heaven at Le Petit Belge. On the menu, pick from sweet or savoury waffles: fan faves are the Smoked Salmon for the latter and the My Lady with piled high chocolate mousse, strawberries and whipped cream for the former. Or, just go nuts and have both.

Scandilicious, 25 Victoria Drive

Take a trip to Scandinavia by way of Victoria Drive for the city’s first vegan and gluten-free waffles at Scandilicious, where you can also munch on regular Belgian and Liège waffle varieties. The Valhalla comes with maple bacon jam, back bacon and bacon bits (damn!) and my favourite sweet waffle is the Monkey’s Munchies, which is a tremendous creation of peanut butter, bananas, peanut butter caramel drizzle, cookie dough and whipped cream. And no, I am not sharing…

Patisserie Lebeau, 1728 West 2nd Avenue

Sure, Belgian bakery specialists, Patisserie Lebeau are not exactly new kids on the block with some 20 years of waffling under their belts, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the old favourites when there are so many new places to try. Correct that mistake with a trip to their sweet-smelling spot on West 2nd, and get ready to try all the wonderful variations on the waffle that Belgium has to offer (along with a few new twists that the Lebeaus have created themselves). I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite—everything is so good! The peach- and custard-filled waffle, the white chocolate with lemon, the corn and jalepeno Brussels waffle… just all of them.

Crackle Creme, 245 Union Street

Admittedly, it’s a tough call to not just scoff all the amazing créme brûlées on offer, but you really should try Crackle Creme’s Liège waffles too. Fresh-baked and smelling of pure indulgence, they come in a range of flavours and I hugely recommend the honey-lavender and matcha flavours. Top off with a scoop of whatever the ice cream of the day is and you’re guaranteed to be happy.