10 Places to Find a Great Pie in Vancouver

These local joints make indulgence as easy as… well, you know

These Vancouver-made pies would send Little Jack Horner over the moon

From pumpkin to pecan, pie is a sweet way to end a meal. But while digging in to a hot, fresh pastry is the easy part, actually making the pie can be a time consuming struggle. Whether hindered by time or skill, why not leave dessert up to these expert bakers who are whipping up pie perfection here in the city? Here are our picks for Vancouver’s best pie makers.   

Savary Island Pie Company – 1533 Marine Dr., West Vancouver

First opening its doors in 1989, Savary Island Pie Company has become a fixture along West Vancouver’s Ambleside shopping strip ever since. Locals and visitors alike crowd the tiny storefront daily, vying for a seat and a slice of their famous pie.

While the staff chose seasonal pumpkin as their favourite, the classic strawberry rhubarb is always in high demand. Upon entering the shop, a chalkboard against the wall details what is available, however ordering ahead is highly recommended. Pies baked with sugar alternatives are also available upon request.  

Her Majesty’s Pie Company – 107 Bowser Avenue, North Vancouver

A flakey lattice top crust filled to the brim with sweet fruit filling, the pies at Her Majesty’s Pie Company have that irresistible fresh-from-the-oven look. This classic style is reminiscent of Grandma’s homemade pies, which the pie makers at this North Vancouver bakeshop are aiming to emulate – desserts that bring people together. Making the rounds at Vancouver’s farmers markets throughout the summer, the sour cherry pie stands out as a crowd favourite.

Credit: The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole – 401 Industrial Ave., Vancouver

Working out of a communal baking space along Vancouver’s Industrial Avenue The Pie Hole – brought to you by a sister team of pie makers – has been ‘stuffing your pie hole,’ as they say, since 2011. Their boutique bakeshop operates under the motto that bigger is better and as such their pies are plump, piled high, and plentiful with ingredients. 

Pie Hole has made a name for itself with original and delicious combinations like maple French toast bacon, blackberry rhubarb ginger, and the knockout Fat Elvis pie, a colossal combination of dark chocolate ganache, banana cream and peanut butter mousse.

Aphrodite’s Café and Pie Shop – 3598 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Taking up residence at the quieter end of Kitsilano’s West 4th Avenue, Aphrodite’s Café and Pie Shop has been pleasing palates since 2003. Voted Vancouver’s Best Kept Secret in 2006, this cosy eatery has since become a local gathering place.

While serving up brunch, lunch, and dinner, Aphrodite’s is best known for its fruit and cream pies. Taking advantage of B.C.’s abundant seasonal harvests, all pies are made using organic and often local ingredients. Of the fruit varieties, raspberry rhubarb is a bestseller, but if you’re looking to mix it up this season, try the chocolate banana cream pie, popular year-round. Whole wheat, gluten-free, and vegan pies are also available for those with dietary restrictions. 

The Last Crumb – 3080 Main Street, Vancouver

This spacious Main Street bakery boasts a pastry case full of confectionary delights from the classic to the unconventional. Baked daily in house in small batches, this sister-run operation embraces original pie flavours such as peanut butter and s’mores – sure to please the young and young at heart. Seasonally changing fruit pies are also available. When picking up your pie in store, take a minute to peak through the large kitchen window at the back of the shop to watch the experts at work. 

The Pie Shoppe – 721 Gore Ave., Vancouver

Don’t let the tiny storefront fool you, there is a lot going on inside The Pie Shoppe. Originally in need of a new place to operate her coffee company, Panoramic Coffee Roasters owner and founder Stephanie French expanded her vision with the help of her sister Andrea and opened the Pie Shoppe. Navigating a 310-square-foot space complete with a single oven, the two bring fresh coffee beans and sweet pies to the public.

Everything is made in house from scratch using seasonal B.C. ingredients sourced specifically from the Fraser Valley, Okanagan, and Vancouver’s surrounding islands. Guided by the seasons, the menu is in constant rotation. Gluten-free crusts are available with 24 hours notice and if living in the downtown area, take advantage of the Shoppe’s bike courier service, which delivers for a $5 flat rate. 

Tartine Bread & Pies – 770 Beach Ave., Vancouver

Tartine Bread & Pies, a pastry café and sandwich shop along Vancouver’s Beach Avenue offers the full gamut of confectionary delights, but it’s Tartine’s mastery of classic pie flavours that has landed it on this list. 

Tartine delights with tried and true combinations like raspberry rhubarb and indulges your sweet tooth with such decadent varieties as maple cream apple and butter pecan. Made with “100% Love” as Tartine’s T-shirts tout.

Aussie Pie Guy – Various Spots

Since rolling onto the streets in 2013, the Aussie Pie Guy food truck has become known around town for its traditional Australian pies. While savoury varieties dominate the menu, the Sweetie Pie is a huge hit.

This Australian version of the classic apple pie features sweet cinnamon covered B.C. apples topped with rich vanilla bean custard, all wrapped up together in a flakey crust. This petite dessert is half the size of Guy’s regular pies, but packs plenty of flavour. Get them hot off the truck while daily supplies last or order a party pack of eight frozen pies in person or online. 

Credit: Acme Café

Acme Café – 51 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

Historic Gastown is home to many culinary successes and Acme Café is no exception. Bustling at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Acme also makes a mean dessert. In true diner style, it serve the classics, which when it comes to sweets, naturally includes pie.

Whipping up fruit, nut, and custard varieties daily, increased customer demand prompted owner and baker Peggy Hoffman to begin offering whole pies for special order. Her kitchen is flexible she says, and she and her pastry team is open to experiment with all kinds of flavours. Well versed in traditional seasonal favourites like apple, pumpkin, and pecan, Acme Café ultimately tries to accommodate whatever you desire. Given 24 hours notice, more often than not, if you can describe it they can make it.


Credit: Golden Crust

Golden Crust – 38924 Queens Way #5, Squamish

Although not operating out of Vancouver, this Squamish bakery made a name for itself on the farmer’s market circuit everywhere from North Vancouver to Whistler, where Crust’s pocket pies became an absolute sensation. And what’s not to love? It’s a flakey crust bursting with sweet fruit filling in a convenient hand-held size. Available in strawberry rhubarb, blackberry, apple, and cherry, these individual treats are perfect for gatherings small and large. Delight guests with an assortment of these pocket pastries so that everyone can choose their favourite flavour. Large pies are also available and everything is baked fresh daily at the Squamish location.