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6 Delicious Recipes to Sample This Holiday Season

Ensure festive dining with these delicious recipes, courtesy of Grimm's Fine Foods

Ensure festive dining with these delicious recipes, courtesy of Grimm’s Fine Foods

The holiday season is upon us and commitments to entertaining can easily get overwhelming. The goal for Grimm’s Fine Foods is to take the stress out of entertaining and help hosts and hostesses all over Canada put together crowd-pleasing recipes and platters.

A wide variety of meats, cheeses and deli items lend themselves well to an array of different recipes from addictive appetizers to mouth-watering main courses. The majority of Grimm’s products are gluten-, lactose- and soy-free with no added MSG, so catering to a guest’s dietary restrictions is easier than ever.

Here are six recipes from the Grimm’s kitchen to add a little inspiration to your holiday menu…

1. Balsamic roasted mushrooms stuffed with Italian sausage and Asiago cheese

Grimm’s partnered with Saskatchewan food blogger Sweetsugarbean to bring you these mushroom caps stuffed with spicy Italian sausage and Asiago cheese. They’re creamy and spicy… and guaranteed to disappear quickly.

2. Sliced meat charcuterie board

No party is complete without a well put-together meat and cheese board. This delicious example was put together by Vancouver Food Blogger Foodess using Grimm’s wide variety of gluten-free meats.

3. Holiday stuffing with country classic sausage

If you’re in charge of bringing a side this holiday season, try a memorable twist on a holiday favourite with Grimm’s holiday stuffing with country classic sausage. It’s gluten-free, as it is rice-based, and packed with flavours and textures that will pair perfectly with the main dish.  (Just be sure to omit the pecans in case of allergies.)

4. Tamarind and ginger festive ham with roasted Brussels sprouts

Speaking of the main dish, Grimm’s festive ham is the perfect centrepiece for any holiday dinner. Made with 100 Percent Verified Canadian PorkTM, it’s a tender, slow-baked ham that’s naturally smoked and subtly seasoned. Glaze and bake 15 minutes per pound for the most succulent ham you’ve ever tasted. (If your dinner is smaller, festive ham halves are available seasonally.) This recipe for tamarind and ginger festive ham has a sweet and tangy glaze with Asian-inspired flavours and is served with roasted Brussels sprouts.

5. Festive ham with marmalade bourbon glaze

Or try this delicious option featuring a smoky and sweet marmalade bourbon glaze.

6. Savoury bread pudding with Chorizo sausage

Although the holiday dinner is something we all look forward to, there’s no denying the importance of a good brunch. This recipe is great for holiday breakfast and brunch because all prep can be done in advance. Chorizo sausage, egg, cheese, bread and vegetables come together in this hearty dish that will keep you satisfied throughout the day.

These are only a few of the recipes available on Grimm’s website. All throughout December, they have tons of holiday meal inspirations to share and, from December 2nd to 17th, watch their Instagram account for chances to win daily giveaways.