8 Food Instagrams to Follow for Recipe Inspiration

These eight food influencers are serious about making delicious, healthy food that's also aesthetically pleasing

These eight delicious Instagram accounts will inspire you to try something new in the kitchen

Having fun in the kitchen might seem like an absolutely foreign concept, especially if you’re pressed for time and find cooking a chore. And while whipping up tried-and-tested recipes might be an easy approach to providing sustenance on a daily basis, there’s a wealth of recipe inspiration at your fingertips (literally) thanks to Instagram.

These eight food influencers are serious—serious about making delicious, healthy food that’s also aesthetically pleasing; about giving you recipes that aren’t tedious or intimidating; and above all, about helping you increase your confidence and have fun in the kitchen.


1. Diala Canelo of @dialaskitchen

Toronto-based Diala Canelo is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef whose recipes are regularly inspired by her travelsthink seafood pasta inspired by a trip to Pula, Italy, and a roasted salmon recipe packed with flavours reminiscent of Israeli cuisine. Follow her for plant-based and pescetarian recipes that Canelo says will take you less than 35 minutes, tops.


2. Nami of @justonecookbook

Fans of Japanese cuisine will love browsing through Namiko Hirasawa Chen’s Instagram feed. Packed with accessible and informative recipes featuring Japanese delights like chicken karaage, katsudon and miso ramen, Nami’s recipes come with step-by-step instructions and pictures as well as video tutorials. Home-cooked Japanese meals now seem so effortless thanks to her.


3. Jenné Claiborne of @sweetpotatosoul

Chef and health coach Jenné Claiborne offers a host of colourful and flavourful vegan recipes, with chickpeas and sweet potatoes on constant rotation. From a Better-Than-Chipotle burrito bowl to sweet potato chocolate muffins, there’s something here for everyonewhether you’re exploring going vegan, or simply want to eat more greens.


4. Tieghan Gerard of @halfbakedharvest

Is there anything Tieghan can’t make in the kitchen? Her delectable baked goods (like a no-fuss lemon tart) and savoury, cheesy recipes (like a pan-fried brie with peppered honey and olives) constantly challenge us in creative ways. For recipes on hearty dinners, refreshing cocktails and tantalizing sweet treats, look no further.


5. Aran Goyoaga of @canellevanille

It isn’t just that Aran’s Instagram feed gives off soothing, minimalist vibes, it’s also that her artfully styled plates are a joy to look at (and are very tempting to replicate too). The Seattle-based, Basque Country born-and-raised author, food stylist and photographer shares gluten-free recipes that celebrate simple, natural ingredients. What’s not to love?