Asparagus Pasta with Pine Nuts and Parmesan

Pasta without sauce is beautifully executed in this asparagus and pine nut linguine

Credit: Lisa Manfield

Toasted pine nuts and garlic infuse this pasta with flavour, while asparagus and olive oil make it uber healthy

Some nights call for the easiest and quickest of dinners, and that’s where pasta excels.

But healthy pasta dishes can be tough to find amongst the twin temptations that are cream and meat sauces.

So here’s a pasta recipe that does away with the sauce altogether.

Instead, a little olive oil is infused with the triple flavours of garlic, roasted pine nuts and asparagus. It’s a beautiful combination for a light and super quick healthy meal.

The recipe comes from Real Simple Magazine, and it lives up to the magazine’s promise of simplicity. I substituted whole wheat pasta, and cut the recipe in half, making two portions instead of four.