Big Batch of Roasted Garlic

Making a big batch of roasted garlic saves you time when you want to add a more mellow garlic flavour to your dinner but don't have over an hour to make it

Credit: Catherine Roscoe Barr

Roasting garlic takes time, so it’s nice to make a big batch to keep on hand

Worried about bad breath but love garlic? Roasted garlic to the rescue! 

No, I didn’t eat 14 bulbs of garlic for dinner tonight. I made a big batch so I could have some roasted garlic handy when I wanted to add a more mellow garlic flavour to dishes but didn’t have the time to make it.

It was a little tedious and time consuming to remove each clove, but totally worth it in my opinion to have lots of roasted garlic available. And once garlic has been perfectly roasted, the cloves are easy to remove from their skins. 

I’m always pretty cautious with how long I keep food in the fridge, so I’m not a good source for how long something can safely be kept in the fridge. I would keep roasted garlic in the fridge in a tightly sealed jar for a week or two, and what I didn’t think I’d use in that time, I’d double wrap with cling wrap and freeze in individual portions. 


  • 14 bulbs of garlic, tops sliced off
  • 4 tbsp olive oil


  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Place bulbs in roasting dish and drizzle with oil, making sure each bulb gets covered. Use more oil as needed.
  3. Roast for 60 minutes, covered.
  4. Turn off oven, remove lid or foil, and leave in oven for another 15 to 20 minutes or until cloves are soft and easy to remove.

Here are a few of my dinner ideas with recipes that include roasted garlic or would be elevated by its addition:


Catherine Roscoe Barr, BSc Neuroscience, is a Vancouver-based writer, editor, and fitness professional. Before settling on the west coast she lived in Sydney, Toronto, Oregon, Montana, and practically everywhere in Alberta. She can be found jogging with her adorable dog, dining with her fabulous husband or voraciously reading anywhere comfy.