Breakfast for Dinner

Eggs may be the perfect breakfast food, but there's something exciting and comforting about having them for dinner

Credit: Lisa Manfield

Green pepper egg omelet and homemade hashbrowns

I could eat breakfast at every meal, but there’s something undeniably comforting and exciting about having breakfast for dinner.

It’s like breaking the rules without actually doing something bad. In fact, if you play your cards right – or your frying pan in this case – you can actually make a meal that’s healthy, satisfying and uses up whatever leftovers you have in your fridge.

In this case:

  • Two leftover eggs from the weekend’s baking spree, beaten
  • A quarter green pepper way past its prime, chopped
  • Hunk of onion, chopped
  • Some cheese, grated
  • A little olive oil

Throw it all in a heated pan and you’ll soon have yourself the perfect dinner omelet.

And if you happen to have a second pan on hand, chop up a potato and throw it in the pan with a few of the onions. Fry it in olive oil until brown and soft for a side of homemade hashbrowns.

Breakfast is served!