Discover the Best of Yarrow

A semi-rural suburb of Chilliwack, Yarrow is a unique village all its own. Here are 7 things to do there on a fun-filled day trip

Credit: Jenn Chic

Yarrow makes for a great day trip, and is the perfect place to hop off the Trans Canada for some small town charm

If you’ve been to Cultus Lake, one of the Fraser Valley’s most popular recreation areas, you’ve driven the main street in Yarrow. While Yarrow is considered a semi-rural suburb of Chilliwack, don’t let that fool you, it’s a unique village all its own.

Located 12 kilometres southwest of downtown Chilliwack, along the Vedder River, Yarrow has become a community of artists, outdoor enthusiasts, farmers and food lovers. And there’s plenty to do in Yarrow – from eating, to shopping to playing outside.

Credit: Jenn Chic

Outdoor Activities

Yarrow is in the heart of the open skies and lush fields of the Fraser Valley, tucked in between Abbotsford and Chilliwack, surrounded by incredible scenery. Located on the banks of the Vedder River, there are plenty of spots for fishing, floating and swimming in nooks along the shore.

The dyke, alongside the river, provides the perfect spot for bike riding, dog walking or taking a stroll in the sunshine, and leads all the way into nearby Chilliwack. The surrounding mountains are full of hiking trails for those in search of adventure and a more vigorous workout.

Credit: Jenn Chic

Main Street

On Yarrow Central Road, the village unfolds quickly with a wide variety of services in a very small space.

Pioneer Park

Right in the middle of the strip is Pioneer Park, a perfect spot for picnics and playtime. With plenty of spots in town to pick up lunch, the park, surrounded by beautiful trees, is a shady respite on a sunny day. It’s also home to a skate park and playground, so kids will love this public space, too.

Rainbow Gas

Next door to the park, Rainbow Gas is an anchor of the community. The owners are much loved for ensuring there’s something for everyone – supplies for travellers and sustenance for locals. Far from just a gas station, it is a one-stop shop – convenience store and liquor store that also sells animal feed, fishing licenses and more.

The Barber Shop

Visit Hank the Barber at The Barber Shop, complete with striped pole. He has been in business for decades and has more than a couple of stories to tell about life in the valley.

Mighty Moose Ice Cream

On the sunniest days, there will likely be a lineup at Mighty Moose Ice Cream where local owners Lance Martens and Josh Kraubner scoop up a variety of Birchwood Dairy ice cream flavours.

Credit: Jenn Chic

Take a Tour

Get to know the town better by meeting the people who have made it what it is.

Yarrow Ecovillage

Image by: Jenn Chic

Yarrow Ecovillage is an intentional community holding a combination of three elements – living, working and farming – at its heart. It encourages learning, socializing, sharing, teaching, playing, and visiting to provide a model for environmentally, economically and socially sustainable lifestyles. Tours, held every second Saturday, are a great way to meet enthusiastic residents, understand their initiatives, and see the community farm in action.

Studio Tours

Tours of local artists’ studios are always happening in Yarrow. Keep your eyes open as you drive through town for signs pointing to the studios of local potters, painters and more.

Imagination Corporation

Image by: Jenn Chic

While the Imagination Corporation doesn’t have official tours, “the signs out by the road are the first clue this is no ordinary place,” according to owner and designer Dan Sawatsky. Together with his wife Janice, Sawatsky has designed and built his dream home. Or perhaps, it’s more of a house that’s like a dream.

At the back of the property is the headquarters and workshop of the Imagination Corporation, where dimensional signs and theme parks around North America are designed and created. See how many signs around town you can spot from the Imagination Corporation, then head to Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf at Cultus Lake for an immersive experience into what Dan and his team can create.

Credit: Jenn Chic

Pick up Some Produce

During the summer and fall months there is at least one fruit stand on the main street selling produce, like blueberries grown just a few metres away.

The Eco-Village Farmstand

For more than fruit, The Eco-Village Farmstand, open Saturdays in the summer, sells a bounty of organic produce grown at the eco-village right in the centre of town.

Sleeping Mountain Organic Farms

Sleeping Mountain Organic Farms, a popular vendor at farmers markets in the Lower Mainland, is well-known for its organic turkey products. Its country store, located just a few minutes outside of town, is open Saturdays and sells all of its products, including ground turkey, sausages and, a local favourite, smoked turkey legs. Give them a call to reserve a happily raised, organic whole turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Anita’s Organic Mill

Anita’s Organic Mill, just a few minutes from Yarrow, is a family-owned and operated business with a great big heart. While its organic whole-grain flours and products are available throughout Western Canada, stop by Anita’s on-site store for a selection of bulk and packaged organic ingredients and find out about its community initiatives supporting diabetes research and local non-profit CARES.

Credit: Jenn Chic

Eat Out

Of the numerous restaurants in Yarrow, here are some of the standouts you should be sure to try.

The Vedder Mountain Grille

Locally owned and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Vedder Mountain Grille offers a menu of local favourites. Highlights include pancakes made from Anita’s Organic Mill multi-grain flour and a variety of bennies all with homemade hollandaise sauce. Cabbage rolls for lunch are nothing short of magical, and while the dinner menu is only available on the weekends, there is a selection of healthy frozen meals to take home and enjoy.

Yarrow Deli Co-op

Image by: Jenn Chic

Yarrow Deli Co-op is more than a full-service deli with some of the best sandwiches in the valley. Having been part of the community for over 20 years, it became a co-operative business 4 years ago and is committed to “building a vibrant and healthy local community by providing delicious foods and products, many homemade or purchased from local providers.” It emphasizes socially and environmentally responsible practices and is happy to share its love of local products with anyone interested.