Father’s Day Grilling Guide

The way to your dad's heart is undeniable: burgers, seafood, veggies and dessert on the barbie

Credit: Flickr/Joakim Wahlander

You can’t go wrong with a BBQ on Father’s Day, so get out the grill and give Dad a taste of his favourite foods

Everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so show Dad how special he is to you this Father’s Day by making his favourite meal with his favourite cooking tool: the BBQ.

From burgers to seafood to greens and dessert, these recipes will cover your grill in tasty goodness.

Credit: Carolyn Herriot


It isn’t a summer barbecue without burgers, but you can add a little flare to an old standard with these creative variations.

A Tropical Tang: These grilled chicken burgers with mozzarella cheese are given a burst of flavour with pineapple on top.

Gourmet Veggie Burgers: Whoever said vegan food is bland has obviously never tried these gourmet vegan veggie burgers. They’re full of vitamins and fibre, not to mention low in fat.

Teriyaki Turkey: Don’t think chicken is your only red meat alternative. These teriyaki turkey burgers are a lean and juicy option.

Credit: Pat Crocker

More Meat

If meat is the menu staple in your family, fire it up with these tasty options.

Orange-mustard Drumsticks: These drumsticks are glazed with an orange-mustard sauce and are perfect for chilling and taking on a Father’s Day picnic or beach trip.

Perfect Pork: Pork fanatics should try this grilled chili-lime pork tenderloin to spice up the menu. Or try marinated grilled pork and eggplant for a sweeter dish.

Lamb Kabobs: If you’re hosting a large gathering this Father’s Day, then these Moroccan lamb kabobs are sure to add substance to the sizzle.

Credit: Another Pint Please


Surf and turf have always been fast friends, so let Dad choose his BBQ besties from among these options.

Prawns: These jerked prawns are delicious when grilled, allowing the various spices to come to life.

Scallops: Add a little sophistication to your BBQ with these grilled scallops, perfect for pairing with a warm salad or main course.

Calamari: Go Greek and grill up some calamari. This grilled calamari is marinated in a spicy tomato sauce for a real flavour kick.

Credit: Christina Symons


Meat is great but Dad needs his veggies, too. He won’t turn up his nose at these fancy field foods.

Gourmet Zucchini: Simple and delicious, grilled zucchini is a perfect side to any summer meal.

Radicchio: Try something new and grill up some radicchio for a tasty summer salad.

Veggies and Herbs: This recipe brings all the vegetables together, combining eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers. Sprinkled with herbs, these grilled vegetables make for a great appetizer or side to an entrée.

Credit: Flickr/Mark McCune


Why stop grilling at dessert? Keep the BBQ going for these exquisiteBarbecued Peaches. Drizzled with caramel sauce, this warm dessert is a perfect ending to your Father’s Day feast.

Credit: Texas Irons

The Extras

Keep Dad grilling in style all summer with these little extras.

The Right Tools: This stainless steel barbecue tool set will help Dad cook just right all summer. And when not in use, this eight-piece set is stored in a monogramed case.

Late Night Dinners: No need to worry about the sun setting with a barbecue light and fan duo. Now Dad can grill whenever he likes and keep the smoke up and away from his face.

Real Men Cook: Esquire’s “Eat Like a Man” cookbook will ensure Dad dishes out delicious, and manly, meals this summer.

And it can’t hurt to remind dad about a few BBQ safety tips. Even if he thinks he doesn’t need them.