Homemade Pasta – Fettucine with Pesto and Roasted Veggies

Fresh noodles and roasted red peppers with tomatoes and pesto make for a healthy Italian meal

Credit: Mikala Taylor

Pasta noodles fresh from the pasta machine

I was feeling adventurous and got out our pasta roller/hand-crank machine on Sunday and made homemade pasta.


  • Fresh fettucine (600g Type ‘00’ pasta flour, 6 free range eggs handcranked through the pasta machine). You can do pasta without a rolling machine but it’s very time consuming.
  • Farmer’s market pesto (or your own or other store-bought). I used Con Amore Foods from West Vancouver’s Sundried Tomato and Arugula vegan pesto. It’s not very oily, so if using store-bought, drain as much of the oil off first as possible.
  • Roasted vegetables: head of garlic, broken and peeled, add to sliced red and yellow peppers tossed in oil and roasted until nicely soft at about 350 degrees F.


  1. Five minutes before the veggies are looking done, turn them over then throw in a couple of big handfuls of organic farmer’s market cherry tomatoes in various shapes and sizes. You can buy GREAT frozen cherry tomatoes from Klippers Organics at the markets. These are a great option before the proper tomato season. You want to warm these through but you don’t want them to lose their shape or drain too much.
  2. Boil fresh pasta for a couple of minutes so it’s al-dente.
  3. Heat up pesto in microwave, toss pasta in and coat all of it.
  4. Place roast vegetables on top.
  5. Sprinkle with ripped-up pieces of fresh basil and a wee smattering of parmesan (optional)


Mikala Taylor is a foodie, and the editor of the Backstage Rider, a blog about indie/rock/alternative/techno music.