Moroccan Chickpeas with Vegetables over Couscous

This chickpea dish is fast, healthy and exotically flavoured. Perfect for a weeknight dinner in a hurry

Credit: Lisa Manfield

Moroccan chickpeas over couscous is ready in half an hour tops

If you need dinner in a hurry, I’d highly recommend a chickpea dish.

This particular recipe serves up chickpeas and veggies over couscous, which is even quicker to make than rice.

Chop up some vegetables, boil up a bit of veggie or chicken stock, and pop it all in a pan with a generous amount of spices and some raisins, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a Moroccan-inspired dish in less than half an hour.

I took the suggestion in the recipe and made it with zucchini instead of fennel. I also omitted the almonds.

Finally, I served it over whole wheat couscous so it was uber healthy. And delicious!