Moroccan-spiced Crispy Chickpeas with Cumin-honey Stirfry

A vegan meal fit for Earth Day!

Credit: Hilary Henegar

Baked chickpeas add a little crisp to this stirfry and rice

Last night, Brad and I cooked up a delicious vegan feast: Moroccan-spiced crispy chickpeas with a cumin-honey stirfry of chard, carrots and shitake mushrooms, with short-grain brown rice.

The chickpeas get tossed in olive oil and slightly toasted aromatic spices, then roasted on a baking sheet for 40 minutes to crisp up.

I picked the chard straight out of the garden just before it went in the pan, and the shitakes we got at the farmers market. Also, I used coconut oil for the stirfry, as it has a high smoking point, has almost no flavour and is super healthy.

It was a delicious meal – and so easy!

Next time we make it, I think I’m going to do a little drizzle of walnut oil over top. Yum!

Hilary Henegar is the digital editor of Granville Magazine.