Recipes for Meatless Monday: How to Make a Four-Course Vegetarian Meal

Celebrate Vancouver's first official Meatless Monday by whipping up a veggieful meal

Credit: Flickr / sweetonveg

In honour of Vancouver’s first official Meatless Monday, this collection of tasty recipes will help you forget meat altogether (or at least for a day)

Metro Vancouver is going meatless (this Monday at least). Mayor Gregor Robinson has proclaimed June 10 the first official Meatless Monday in an effort to reduce the city’s carbon footprint and improve the collective health of residents.

Cooking up a meatless feast is easy (and cheap!), not to mention truly tasty. So if you’re wondering how to replace your standby steak, try the following meatless recipes for ideas on appetizers, mains and desserts.

Or, if you’d rather leave the cooking to someone else, refer to Earthsave Canada‘s new Metro Vancouver Veg Directory, an up-do-date guide to vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants, retailers and services.


The most obvious of the meatless meals, salads are always a good way to start supper. And these three options will prime your palate for more greens to come.

Summer Salad: This roasted beet, orange and fennel salad is the perfect start to a summer meal with its orangy sweetness.

Tomatoes and Figs: Don’t wait till fall to try this roasted tomato and fig salad, get the full flavours happening now.

Quinoa: Up the oomph on your appie with a protein-packed quinoa salad. Healthy and delicious, you really can’t go wrong.


If you’re feeling a little chilly, swap a salad for some mouthwatering soup.

Lentils: This hearty lentil soup is full of spices for a warming burst of flavour.

Dairy Free: For vegans, this broccoli and leek soup is creamy without the cream.

Carrot: This curried carrot soup has a dash of curry for your taste buds, mixed with the sweetness of carrots. Double whammy.


For a four-course meat-free meal, you’re going to need meatless appetizers, like these:

Avocado Fries: Yes, avacado has uses other than guacamole. These avocado frites are different and delicious.

Kale: For something lighter and a little more casual, try these all dressed kale chips for a cheesy treat in less than 30 minutes.

Samosas: Some of the best samosas are vegetarian. Whip up these Indian snacks for an appetizer that carries a punch of flavour.


Yes, a meatless entrée is possible. These recipes prove it.

Pasta: Too hot to turn on the stove? Test out this zucchini pasta with raw tomato sauce for an amazing summer meal. Or try this ricotta gnocchi with sage for a warm, vegetable-packed pasta.

Go Ethnic: Summon your inner Greek and whip together this Greek salad with chickpeas. Or spice up your evening with an Indian feast.

Protein Bowl: This hearty rice and spinach-filled glory bowl is jammed packed with tofu, veggies and a creamy sauce.


Ok, ok, so most desserts are inherently meatless. But these tasty treats make perfect pairings to a healthy meal.

Oatmeal: Whip up some sunflower cherry oatmeal bars. The leftovers will make a perfect afternoon snack.

Cupcakes: How can you go wrong with chocolate? These vegan mini chocolate cupcakes will please everyone, non-vegans included.

Truffles: The word alone makes mouths water. Now that your cravings are engaged, try these vegan chocolate truffles for the best possible ending to your meal.

Recipes for Meatless Monday