Summer Berry Recipes

Reap the benefits of berry-picking season by using fresh, delicious berries in these summer-appropriate recipes

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Pick them yourself or grab a bunch at your local market and start cooking with these summer berries

The sun’s out, the weather’s warm, and the fruit is ripe. It’s berry-picking season, which means buckets full of fresh, B.C. fruit.

Sure, nature’s desserts taste great on their own, but when you tire of stuffing your face with handfuls of blueberries, try using your pickings in one of these tasty recipes.

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Sweet, sour and succulent, raspberries work great in breakfasts or as a dessert.

French Toast: Prepare this meal the night before and when you wake up in the morning you’ll have a delicious serving of Baked Raspberry French Toast. With this recipe, it’s like Sunday breakfast any day of the week.

A Decadent Dessert: Nothing pairs better with raspberries than chocolate. So celebrate berry season by drowning your raspberries in this Raspberry Ganache Tart.

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Raspberry’s cousin, blackberries are tart treats that are perfect when used as a topping on cakes and breads.

A Summer Cake: This light cake is great when nibbled with afternoon tea or a special summer meal. Topped with mounds of blackberries, the Lemon-almond Cake with Crème Fraiche is easy to make, but tasty enough to impress any guests.

Scones: Traditional Scottish scones are tasty as can be, but when topped with blackberries, your breakfast, teatime or late night snack just got a whole lot better.

Credit: BC Blueberry Council


Rich in antioxidants and considered a super food, B.C. is full of incredible blueberries.

Tarts: Cream cheese and almond paste combine to create a heavenly creamy richness. These Mini Blueberry Tarts are so good that you’re sure to snack on more than one. But it’s okay, because they’re mini.

Bread Pudding: This bread pudding is like no other. Why? Because it has bacon. Whip up this Blueberry Bacon Bread Pudding at your next get-together and be prepared to convert the curious.

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The unsung berry, the strawberry is delicious served fresh or cooked.

Strawberries and Cream: Easy and unique, try these Stuffed Strawberries at your next Sunday brunch. The cheese and biscuit filling beats whipped cream any day.

Compote: A strawberry’s first love is rhubarb. They’ve been spotted together in pies, but this Rhubarb and Strawberry Compote is much easier to make and provides the same tantalizing combination of flavours.

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A Mix of Them All

Why choose only one berry when you can have them all? Throw all of your favourite berries into one of these refreshing desserts.

Pudding: A traditional German dessert, this Summer Berry Pudding allows you to enjoy every berry at once. Change up each serving by adding a different topping.

Whipped Fruit: Take flavour to a whole new level in this Fresh Fruit Fool. Puree the berries and layer the mixture with whipped cream, cooling it in the fridge for a colourful, simple dessert.