Three Creative Ways to Serve Tapas

Your next tapas party will be as creative as it is delicious with these unique serving ideas

Credit: iStock / Maica

Give your tapas creative treatment with a variety of serving dishes

Why shouldn’t your serving dishes be as creative as your food? Mix and match what’s in your cupboard for a delectable way to serve up your tapas

Delve into the back of your cupboard and you’ll probably find all sorts of long-forgotten dishes you never thought you’d find a use for. Mix and match your motley crew of mis-matched crockery and platters for a creative tapas party.

Whether your tapas night is indoors or out, it’s all about making what you have work for you.

Tiered Cake Trays

Tiered cake trays are one of those pretty kitchenware items that so many of us have but never use. Who says they’re only for cakes?

Display mini quiches, bruschetta, meatballs (no sauce!) or chopped veggies on each layer of your tray for a multi-height, practical, colourful centrepiece.

Sugar Bowls and Teacups

Toppings, olives and tapenades can all be scooped into teacups and sugar bowls. Providing mis-matched teaspoons as serving utensils will take your theme up a notch.

Teapots and Milk Jugs

Use your teapot and milk jugs for salad dressings or cocktails and sangria. Just make sure to label your drinks and dressings – no-one will thank you if they end up with sangria on their patatas bravas.

To complete your table, pull it all together with a pretty tablecloth, (florals, polka dots or stripes will work the best) and decorate the room with bunting.