5 Must-try Pho Spots in Vancouver

Is the grey and rainy weather bringing you down? Warm up with the city's best pho

Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Vancouver boasts a plethora of tasty and delicious bowls of pho. Check out these restaurants when you’re fiending for noodles and broth


Little can compare to the comforts of a warm bowl of soup on a cold rainy day.  Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup with meat and topped with herbs, is amongst the most comforting of them all.

Luckily for Vancouverites, the city is spoiled with several delicious pho restaurants. But with so many options, it might be hard for a pho-rookie to decide where to start.

Here are some must-try spots to get you in the game, or if you think yourself a bit of a pho-losopher, hopefully you’ll see some old favourites.


Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Bao Chau Vietnamese Restaurant


Walking into Bao Chau is like walking into a warm hug. The staff is friendly, a buzz of customer chatter usually fills the air and you know a piping-hot bowl of pho is coming your way. While Bao Chau is known for their large, perfectly crispy deep-fried spring rolls (seriously, order them), their pho deserves some praise.

Location: 2717 East Hastings Street
Phone: 604-251-6956


Credit: Song Huong

Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant


The tropical décor at the family-run Song Huong might be the first thing you notice, but your meal is what you’ll remember. The pho is fresh, nicely sized and affordable. Pictured is their house special, Bun Bo Hue, with the owners hailing from Hue in Central Vietnam. If your meal company isn’t feeling pho, Song Huong is one of the few places in Vancouver to serve a “Beef 7 Ways” dish.

Location: 1613 Nanaimo Street
Phone: 604-568-1196


Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Le Do Vietnamese Restaurant


If you’re in the mood for a bowl of pho with clear, deeply flavourful broth, Le Do may be the place for you. You might even want to hold off on the siracha and hoisin sauce, it’s that good. Along with your pho, do everyone at your table a favour and order the Spicy Le Do roll, which is a spring roll inside of a salad roll. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds.

Location: 2292 East Hastings
Phone: 604-253-3508


Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Green Lemongrass


Truth be told, exceptional service at a pho restaurant isn’t exactly standard. The staff at Green Lemongrass, however, offer distinctively friendly service with their steaming bowls of flavourful, brothy soup. As an added bonus, they have a full arsenal of condiments for your pho, including picked jalapeños and garlic-chili sauce.

Location: 1086 Kingsway
Phone: 604-875-6638


Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Pho Thai Hoa Restaurant


Pho Thai Hoa sets the bar high by self-proclaiming its pho is the best in Vancouver, and we have to admit, it might just back it up. Pho Thai Hoa serves up a super-affordable bowl with tender meats and a tasty broth. Feeling like more than pho? Give their Avocado smoothie a whirl.

Location: 3524 Kingsway
Phone: 604-568-8884