A taste of Nepal at Café Kathmandu

Local ingredients transport the senses to the far-flung mountains of Nepal.

Local ingredients transport the senses to the far-flung mountains of Nepal at Café Kathmandu on Commercial Drive

Café Kathmandu is a fantastic restaurant serving up authentic Nepalese cuisine on Commercial Drive.

Owner Abi Sharma opened Café Kathmandu four years ago and takes pride in explaining the background of Nepalese cuisine to restaurant patrons. Sharma explains that the cuisine is influenced by the country’s geographic location, taking influences from Northern India, Tibet and China.

Talking with Sharma about his menu, he emphasized that a part of Nepalese culture is to use what is in season, something he kept at the forefront when designing the menu at Café Kathmandu. The three factors that went into his menu design were:


1. What is locally available in Vancouver;

2. Nepalese flavours and dishes that people in Vancouver would enjoy; and

3. A good price point.

And with menu items ranging from $7–15, I’d say he hit his mark on all three counts.

I stopped by for dinner this week and enjoyed a lovely dinner with some friends. What we sampled:? 

?Momo – Delicious steamed dumplings with a flavourful tomato and cilantro chutney

Daal bhaat tarkaari – Described on the menu as “the very definition of a meal in Nepal” and entails a delicious goat curry (chicken and vegetable curry also available) served with steamed rice, roti, dahl and chutney.

Raaio – Crisp tender, slow-cooked mustard greens with potatoes

Tofu – gently sautéed soft tofu with green beans and tomato sauce

The menu is vegetarian and vegan friendly, and the restaurant can adjust the spiciness to your preference. I tried all the dishes with a mild spice, and everything was well seasoned with a subtle heat in the background.

I recommend ordering a mixture of the small (appetizer), medium (served in a rice bowl), and large dishes and sharing amongst the table.

The restaurant is casual but welcoming. Café Kathmandu also hosts Philosophers Cafes and community events to stay engaged with the Commercial Drive neighbourhood.? ?


Café Kathmandu

2779 Commercial Drive (at 12th Ave), Vancouver



Photo courtesy TinyBites.ca – Check out their food blog for a review and drool-worthy photos of Cafe Kathmandu!



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