Acme Café: A Perfect Place for Pie

Just try to resist the pie at Vancouver's Acme Café; with so many varieties, you're bound to visit often for lunch or an afternoon snack

Credit: Gerilee McBride

Acme Café’s chicken pot pie comes with a perfectly flaked crust and house salad

Acme Café is the kind of place to go for an early coffee meeting or a late-afternoon break from the office

Going during either of those times almost guarantees you’ll get a seat in one of its four large booths. If you’re not so picky there are also tables for two and a curvy countertop to cozy up to. In a setting that has all the great diner tropes; black and white tiles, ceiling fans, counter stools and formica tabletops, it’s the perfect backdrop to an authentic yet modern eating experience.

Reasons to Visit Acme – Pie and More Pie

(Image: Gerilee McBride)

Having already survived two years sandwiched between Model Express (a store featuring the newest in Pretty Woman apparel) and a construction zone for a new set of condos, Acme (located at 51 W. Hasting St., Vancouver) has proved it’s worth repeat visits. I go back to time and again because it consistently serves up good quality diner favourites like chicken potpie ($12.50) served with an unnecessary but perfectly dressed side house salad and baked to order so the lovely flakey pastry top always comes out just the right shade of delicious.

It’s also the place to go for pie, lots of pie. From whoopie pies (mini cookie pies, $1.50) to key lime to banana cream to lemon meringue, it has all the classics. Make sure to ask your server for the day’s listings as it has a revolving Mecca of sweets and treats ranging from $0.75 for a single cookie to $4 for a slice of cake. $5 will getg you the piece of pie of your dreams.

Savoury Options at Acme

You’re not going to get light food here, these are diner staples made with butter and shortening and real cheese. The mac and cheese, which is decadent on its own ($9), has the option to add bacon ($11) and who could resist that?

If you’re looking for something less enormous than the potpie or less blissfully coma-inducing than the mac and cheese, you can always go for one of the delicious sandwiches but beware, these can hardly be mistaken as snacks as all sandwiches come with the addition of either a cup of the daily soup or a side of broccoli slaw and potato chips. Oh, and a pickle!

Whatever you get at Acme Café, rest assured that it will be done right, and right again, and it’s the excellent customer service and attention to detail that keeps me coming back. That and its damn fine cup of coffee.

Gerilee McBride is a Vancouver-based writer and designer working in the BC publishing industry. When not reading or writing she can be found biking, gardening or re-upholstering old office furniture. She also blogs about these things at