A Bite of Vietnam: DD Mau Sandwich Shop Brings Vietnamese Fare to Yaletown

Marrying fresh ingredients and local meats, DD Mau is the place to feast on Vietnamese in Yaletown for under $12

Layers of local meat and fresh veggies mingle in this Vietnamese sub from Yaletown’s DD Mau

Finding quality Vietnamese staples in a sea of pho diners has just gotten easier with the opening of DD Mau

There’s a stretch of Kingsway on Vancouver’s east side that is lined with pho diners and binh ma shops serving up cheap and cheerful Vietnamese classics like beef noodle soup and Vietnamese subs; this summer the area will be transformed into the city’s official Little Saigon.

DD Mau brings this style of flavourful Vietnamese fare to Yaletown’s Pacific Avenue. Technically, bánh mì is the word for the type of French-inspired baguette used for the sandwiches, but today “bánh mì” widely refers to the tasty Vietnamese sandwich that’s a foodie favourite in Canada, the US, Australia and other countries with significant Vietnamese populations.

Bánh Mì and More

The classic bánh mì includes layers of deli meat, pate and shredded carrots and cucumbers. DD Mau tops fresh, crusty bread with locally sourced meats and veggies for a modern take on the traditional sandwich. The filling options are Vietnamese staples like BBQ duck, lemongrass chicken and assorted Vietnamese cold cuts; for an authentic topping, add a runny egg or chicken pate to your order.

If you prefer a salad or a sandwich, the vermicelli bowl offers two selections from a tasty list (grilled lemon grass chicken, BBQ pork, honey garlic beef, grilled lemon grass tofu, spring roll, fried egg).

And what’s life without a little extra: order a side dish of crispy pork and vegetable spring rolls or a crunchy, light salad roll with vermicelli and a side of savory peanut sauce.

Creative Combinations

Part of the Vietnamese food experience is the amazing and unique drinks, like the avocado smoothie with almond milk, house-made creamy lime-fizz, and iced espresso with sweetened condensed milk. The refreshing beverages perfectly complement the vibrant bánh mì toppings like kimchi, cilantro and jalapeno.

If you’re eating in, DD Mau’s urban space has standing-room wood tables (we love the bike hanging on the wall) and window seating with stools, or have your bánh mìn on the run in a brown takeaway bag.

Be warned: chances are you’ll be hooked on the first bite!