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JJ Bean on Main Street

Get your caffeine buzz at this North Vancouver-owned coffee shop.

Credit: Hilary Henegar

The Main Street location of JJ Bean offers home-away-from-home comfort coupled with expertly brewed coffee and delectable treats

The words coffee and Vancouver go hand in hand, with coffee shops on almost every street corner—some independently owned, others part of a chain. So what makes one stand out above the others? It would seem location, ambiance and, of course, great coffee.

JJ Bean

3010 Main St, Vancouver

604-879-2326 | Map

Located at East 14th, occupying a former bank building, the Main Street location of the locally owned franchise JJ Bean masterfully combines retro-chic with living room comfort. Coffee enthusiasts who enter the shop are immediately immersed into the world of Main Street as people gather to chat, work or simply relax. This is prime people-watching real estate.

Long-time Vancouver resident John Neate began the franchise in 1996 on Granville Island and today has grown his business to nine locations, each having its own feel and characteristics, suitable to the neighbourhood in which it resides.

Back at the Main Street location, a large counter of baked goods and sandwiches greets you as you wait to place an order from one of the many hipster baristas behind the bar. And if you order a drink with hot milk, you will find a fancy design swirling in your foam. Then grab a table or comfy chair and sit back and enjoy. Your coffee is waiting.


Heather Lochner is a stay at home mother and a freelance writer. She loves combing the neighbourhoods of Vancouver to find locally owned shops and restaurants. Together with her two children, husband and dog, she lives aboard her sailboat in Vancouver. When not at work or school, the Lochners are out cruising the B.C. coast.