Lucy’s Eastside Diner Opens on Main Street

Main Street's newest eatery presents greasy-spoon comfort food without the greasy chef. Open 24 hours!

Credit: Michael Robertson

Weekend brunch crowd at Lucy’s Eastside Diner on Main Street, Vancouver

Finally a late-night dining option east of Kits as Vancouver’s Main Street finally goes 24 hours


It’s not easy to create a brand new greasy spoon. Generally speaking, your local greasy spoon is that little ma-and-pa establishment that has been there for years. It probably opened with great fanfare back in the ’60s but has since been passed down to the children. The old menu may not have changed for 30 years and the hygiene will be questionable at best.


Now imagine a diner that has the menu chock full of comfort food and feels as though it has been there since God was a boy, but doesn’t have the negatives that usually come with a greasy spoon. A greasy spoon, not a greasy chef. Imagine all that and you will probably be picturing Main Street’s newest addition, Lucy’s Eastside Diner—open 24 hours and already packed after opening its doors less than a month ago.


Lucy’s Eastside Diner

2708 Main St, Vancouver



Comfort food guaranteed

Erv Salvadore and Carey Thiessen, the team behind the no-nonsense, quality food at The Whip, bring the same approach to Lucy’s (reportedly named after their daughter). The meals are unpretentious; you won’t find molecular gastronomy or cordon-bleu (and don’t expect healthy or organic). What you will find are traditional diner meals and burgers made from BC beef served with fantastic fries.


My new favourite brunch is Three Little Pigs benny (ham, bacon and Chorizo) with a deliciously buttery hollandaise.



Lucy’s diner decor

Lucy’s has that quintessential diner vibe; counter with swivel stools and cosy booths. It’s more art deco than rock ’n roll, and the mountings above the booths pay homage to Vancouver’s cycling culture. The little two-seater booths are wonderful, but if you’re with a larger group be prapared to wait (or go to The Whip).


Lucy’s serving food 24 hours a day

The best news is that this home-cooked haven is open 24 hours a day (currently, it is only licensed to sell alcohol until midnight, but they’ve applied for an extension to 1 a.m.). Salvadore, a longtime Main Street resident, has always felt that Main Street needed a 24-hour diner. His realisation is a boon for all those staggering home from the Biltmore or craving a late-night milkshake.


But don’t expect to get a seat right away: As Granville’s editor discovered this past weekend, even at 2:30 in the morning, the place is packed, with a line of bleary-eyed partiers waiting by the door.


Erv chats to customers at Lucy's Eastside Diner
Erv Salvadore chats to customers at Lucy’s Eastside Diner.