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Swiss Bakery on Main Street

Main Street's Swiss Bakery is a neighbourhood purveyor of sweets and treats, all baked fresh daily.

Credit: Flickr / wynlok

Sample a treat from the Swiss Bakery’s rotating selection of daily baked goods on Vancouver’s Main Street

Located in the 100 block of East 3rd Avenue, the Swiss Bakery is a jewel waiting to be discovered. Owned and operated by Michael Siu, a baker with more than 28 years of experience, the Swiss Bakery is part retail and part wholesale, with clients like Whole Foods and the Foundation Restaurant.

The front of the store features a small seating area where treats are showcased to salivating spectators. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with a cupcake, cream horn or torte; the selection changes daily. There is also a large selection of breads available; from sourdough or rye to walnut and onion. All food is prepared daily, on-site in the 3,000-square-foot kitchen.

Swiss Bakery

143 East 3rd Ave, Vancouver
604-736-8785 | Map

“We love being part of Main Street and strive to become a neighbourhood bakery,” says operation manager Annette Siu. She hopes next year Swiss Bakery will be a part of The Drift showcase of local art.

But until then, she encourages people to come in and enjoy some freshly baked goods. “Our baguettes and breads are excellent and our pretzels are considered one of the 100 things to eat in Vancouver.”


Heather Lochner is a stay at home mother and a freelance writer. She loves combing the neighbourhoods of Vancouver to find locally owned shops and restaurants. Together with her two children, husband and dog, she lives aboard her sailboat in Vancouver. When not at work or school, the Lochners are out cruising the B.C. coast.