Vancouver’s Best Greasy Spoons

Satisfy your hankering for a cheap meal or a quick hangover cure at one of these guaranteed-to-please Vancouver diners

Vancouver has no shortage of delectable dives and diners, and these five greasy spoons will have you regretting last night just a little bit less


Whether you’re hungover, hungry or just hankering for a basic breakfast that won’t leave you with the empty-wallet blues, the greasy spoon diner is the answer to your prayers.

Sometimes the cure for life’s problems is as easy as a cup of Joe and hot oil-drenched hash browns.

Bon’s Off Broadway

The best, biggest, greasiest and probably cheapest greasy spoon of them all, this gem has been around for ages.

Famous for its $2.95 Breakfast Special, Bon’s Off Broadway on Nanaimo Street is packed to the rafters every Saturday and Sunday morning with hordes of hungover breakfasters.

The experience comes complete with ripped vinyl booths, a bathroom best avoided and graffiti-covered walls and endless coffee.

Nice Cafe

Inexpensive, delicious and always inviting, the aptly named Nice Cafe is just a handful of booths and a couple of tables and chairs, but arguably boasts some of the best hash browns in the city and friendly service to boot.

Safely hidden away from the main drag, the Nice Cafe is located just off Main Street on 8th Avenue. A neighbourhood hotspot, Nice Cafe is popular with everyone from early-rising cops to scenesters who wouldn’t be caught dead waking up before noon.

Deacon’s Corner

Situated just at the edge of Gastown, Deacon’s Corner is cozy, clean and far from quiet, serving up hearty diner fare for great value.

If you think you’re tasting a little extra something in your hash browns, it’s because they’re oh-so-lightly seasoned with curry spices, but don’t worry, if spice with your sunny side-ups isn’t your thing, you can ask for them without.

An added bonus is that it’s easy to add sides to your meal without having your cheap eats turn into a bank-breaker.

Save On Meats

Save On Meats is the new kid on the block when it comes to the greasy spoon scene, but this newcomer does not disappoint.

For $4 you can have a full breakfast and, unlike most of the greasy spoons on the list, there are plenty of seats.

Located on West Hastings, Save On Meats is a refurbished space in the style of an old-fashioned diner, but with high ceilings, lots of light and massive booths. There’s even a take-out window for sandwiches if you have to get that breakfast Sammie on the go!

The Templeton

Diners don’t come much more authentic than the time-honoured Templeton, nestled right in the heart of downtown on Granville Street, with its individual jukeboxes at every booth.

The '50s soda shop-style decor will feel like a time warp, but one thing that isn’t stuck in the past is its menu, which has organic ingredients and gourmet touches all over it.

An added bonus: every day The Templeton displays a different pithy quote on its sandwich board to lure you in off the street with some classic wisdom and witty one-liners.