PNE Prize Home Q&A With Designer Jillian Harris

Get a look inside this year's PNE prize home with insight from designer Jillian Harris

Credit: Janis Nicolay

Jillian Harris chats with BCLiving about her contemporary bohemian vision for this year’s PNE prize home

Returning for its 80th year, the 2014 PNE prize home does more than bring hope to aspiring homeowners everywhere, it offers visitors the chance to step through a rich microcosm of modern home design.

This two-storey, 2,600-square-foot dream house is on display now at the PNE before moving to its permanent location on Kelowna’s picturesque Kirschner Mountain.

With the September 4 grand-prize draw fast approaching, BCLiving caught up with the prize home designer (and Love It or List It Vancouver star) Jillian Harris to explore her contemporary bohemian vision.

Credit: Janis Nicolay

What was your goal this year when decorating the prize home?

Jillian Harris: “Third time’s a charm, right? This prize home was dear and close to my heart because it will be located in my adopted hometown Kelowna. Where my love, my family, my heart, my home really is.”

“I wanted to design a house that felt every day like a Sunday morning. And you know what? Every time I’ve walked into the home now that it is finished, that is exactly how I feel. I want to take off my shoes, sit down and enjoy. It’s modern, yet warm and welcoming.”

Credit: Janis Nicolay

What have you tried to focus on differently than past years’ prize homes?

Harris: “I tend to always lean towards traditional decor, traditional lines, and this time I tried to steer my design to stay clean and modern with a boho-feminine touch.”

“All that white and cream is so refreshing, but different textures is what makes it all be casual and work. Did you see that furry coffee table/ottoman in the living room?! This is what I am talking about when I talk texture. It’s unexpected and those are the things that make this home stand out from the other years’ homes.”

Credit: Janis Nicolay

What are some of your favourite features in the home?

Harris: “I love, love, love the master suite. It is modern and classy and peaceful. That bed from Lane Furniture is amazing and such a wow piece in the space.”

“I started with a white and oatmeal palette and fished off with some pink accents. And if you know me a little, you’ll know that I am all about the little details. Some people take this for granted, but these little details finish the circle. I was bold to choose pink for a master ensuite but it’s really just some small dabs just here and there. In a second you can switch it all up and white and oatmeal is a super versatile canvas!”

Shopping tip: Bedding in the master suite was IKEA and the pink accent pillows were from Caitlin Wilson.

Credit: Janis Nicolay

Why do you keep coming back to design the prize home?

Harris: “This is such a fun project — lots of hard work but I know every time we are nearing the end, it is like Christmas for me. Receiving all the beautiful furniture and accessories, and finishing up the details — it’s like conquering Everest! This is a very unique project.”

Credit: Janis Nicolay

Any local standout items make it into the home?

Harris: “Of course! To name a few, we once again had Lane Furniture who did the furniture and accessories — my Instagram was going crazy about the furniture every time I posted a picture of the home. People seemed to love it as much as we did when picking out pieces. And Pine Lighting brass selection was key in bringing our theme to life.”

“Last but not least, Trims. A local faux flower shop helped us add that last little piece of the puzzle. You won’t believe how real those flowers look — this is one layer that people often overlook. They love the space, they want to reproduce this in their home and don’t know how. But really, just add some greenery and voila!”

Credit: Janis Nicolay

How did you fit this huge project into your already busy schedule?

Harris: “Thank God I have a partner in design crime: Dana Valeria. She’s with me all the time and helps me design and manage our projects. We really are a match made in heaven. And of course having a stable support system in all areas of my life is really important. My family, my babe — you’d think this is all design, computers and work, but really it is life. And every single thing going on in my life is what makes it all possible.”