What You Need to Know about Irrigation Systems

If you're toying with the idea of installing an automatic sprinkler system, this helpful guide can help you make up your mind

Make an informed decision about installing a sprinkler system in your yard

Did you know watering your lawn for just one hour uses about as much water as: five dishwasher loads, five loads of laundry, and 25 flushes of the toilet (1,500 litres in total).

Most of us are facing increasingly more restrictive regulations for the watering of our lawns and gardens. And, now that many of us are on metered water and pay for what we use, we have an incentive to use this precious resource more responsibly.

Observing water restrictions means you have to be home at the right time, you have to be there throughout the watering process to move the hose and sprinklers around and you might have to ask a neighbour to help if you are away on vacation. Many homeowners are choosing to have sprinkler systems installed to avoid all the hassles that come with watering your lawn and garden.

Irrigation systems have come a long way since manufacturers started making sprinklers in the 1930s. Manufacturers have been very efficient in responding to a growing need for water conservation as well as practicality.

There are several important questions to ask when considering the purchase of a sprinkler system. Click through for a handy FAQ.

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What are the advantages of owning an automatic underground sprinkler system?

Saves time. Saves water. Saves plants. And yes, it is even a good financial investment. In addition, it can be set to the current local watering restrictions.

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I have an old sprinkler system. Can I upgrade it?

Yes you can. It is possible to add components to an existing irrigation system. Be sure to let your irrigation contractor know of any future additions to the system you may be planning.

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How will the system help me conserve water?

Excessive runoff from over-watering is a common problem experienced when using either a hose or a poorly designed and installed automatic system. Field studies have shown that a properly designed and programmed automatic underground sprinkler system is the most efficient method of watering your garden while using a minimum amount of water.

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Who will operate the sprinkler system while I am away?

New automatic systems are designed to operate on a set schedule. One of the real benefits of this type of system is that once it is programmed, it will continue to operate on schedule until you tell it to make a change.

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We have 50″ of rainfall a year. Why do we need a sprinkler system?

You probably would not need a sprinkler system if it rained a 1/2″ of water on a regular basis. Unfortunately, nature does not work that way and in many parts of the province receiving 50″ of rain a year, there are extended periods when no rain falls.

For healthy, lush plants, it is important that they receive an evenly measured, regularly timed application of water. In the blistering heat of summer, often as few as two days without water can be damaging to plant growth. And, if it does rain, your irrigation system can be equipped with a rain sensor that will tell the system to skip the watering session so it does not water when it is not required.

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