Fun Ways to Tidy Your Home for Fall

Fall is in full swing, and it's a great time to give your home a much-needed tidy

Fall is in full swing, and it’s a great time to give your home a much-needed tidy

Who says cleaning can’t be enjoyable? We chatted with Erika Longmore, founder of Lemon & Pine Cleaning Services, to get her expert tips on fun ways to organize your home for the fall so you can tackle the year ahead.

“Fall is a great time to organize. Summer is usually so hectic with people being in and out of the house that there’s not much time to tidy,” says Longmore, “When the fall months hit and you’re inside more, it’s the ideal opportunity to reorganize your home—and life!”

1. Give everything in your home office its own spacehome office with computer on desk

If you’re still working from home, reorganizing your home office or workspace is one of the best ways to kickstart a successful year. Why not use this opportunity to not just declutter but also transform this space into an inspiring and creative oasis? Start by creating a filing system (or reorganizing it if you already have one) so that you have all your important paperwork and receipts in order and easily accessible. Also, labelling is your friend!

“If the kids are doing homework in the office or nearby, purchase cute containers, bins and drawer inserts, then label them accordingly,” says Longmore. Selecting your labels is another opportunity to make this fun and creative. Not sure where to start? Etsy is full of stylish labels for everything from pantry staples to desk supplies.

2. Make your kitchen meal-prep readykitchen

The kitchen is a busy, high-traffic area, especially in the fall. With school and work back in session, mornings can be especially hectic. Reorganizing your kitchen can help make your morning routine seamless and stress-free. To start, ensure all your pantry staples are stocked—and properly stored. In particular, you want all your on-the-go lunch items to be easy to find so you can grab your must-haves and be on your way. Once again, labelling is key.

Now this is the fun part: plan some of your favourite meals and lunches out in advance and store the necessary, relevant grocery items in clear containers, cute baskets and glass jars. “I love having fruits, veggies, and grab-and-go snacks like cheese string easy to reach, especially when packing lunch for the kids. This way, if we’re rushing in the morning, we don’t have to overthink about what to eat.”

3. Store your fall accessories in stylish basketsliving room with fireplace and baskets

Wicker and rattan pieces are fall staples and for good reason. Not only are they timeless, but they can serve a dual purpose: giving your home a fall-ready design upgrade that also keeps things tidy. No matter the size of your living room, wicker baskets are a stylish place to store your favourite fall accessories, books, media gear, toys and more. If you have benches and stands with legs above the ground and a bit of empty space below, neatly tuck away these baskets to save room. “These ‘hidden’ baskets are perfect for hiding tangled wires and cable boxes, too,” says Longmore.

4. Swap out your summer wardrobefolding clothes laundry

One of the most exciting parts of fall is getting to update your wardrobe. Autumn is the perfect opportunity to swap out your summer outfits for your cozy sweaters and chic long coats. Consider donating any items you haven’t worn in a while, or store them away for the year. But don’t forget to have some fun with it! Why not go all out and plan your stylish fall outfits in advance? This way, you can look forward to what you’ll wear each day. Drawer inserts are perfect for keeping everything easy to find. Separate your sweaters, trousers and scarves so you know exactly where everything is.

In the rest of your bedroom, use this chance to keep the top of your dressers and bedside tables clutter-free, and store your jewellery, perfumes and more in your favourite accessory tray.