Creative Organization for Your Kitchen Island

Create space – and a place – for everything in your kitchen with this creative storage solution

Credit: Porcelanosa

Custom inserts in this kitchen island can be tailored to your choice

Avoid messy pile of pots, pans and gadgets with this kitchen-island storage solution that puts everything in its place

Looking for a better way to organize all the stuff in your kitchen? Gama Décor offers an ingenious custom-made storage solution to conceal kitchen clutter.

For the Kershaw family, whose kitchen is featured in the July/August issue of BC Home and Garden Magazine, the large 10-foot by 3-foot island created by Gama is the room’s most understated champion. Beneath its minimalist exterior lies a barrage of organizational features.

Its custom-made drawers feature dividers and specially designed sections for every accessory. One of the drawers has a custom-moulded insert that fits each utensil, so that everything from the melon baller to the pastry brush nestles into its own perfect spot. Racks for pots and pans, cutlery dividers, spice jars, knife holders, stainless steel jars and plate holders are also available.

The drawers are all soft closing and fully extendable, so you can make the fullest use of your space. The cutlery trays and dividers are available in solid beech (shown), solid carved oak, stainless steel and aluminum. The wood is protected with a top-coat for easy cleaning and all drawers have a non-slip, anti-mould lining that is also removable.

Gama Décor will match the veneer finish to the rest of your kitchen to create a perfect, uninterrupted esthetic. The Kershaws used oak-stained “Brezo” with an acrylic stain and top-coat.

Fontile is the exclusive retailer for Porcelanosa Gama Décor.