Credit: Randall Abele

Add a splash of cherry mignonette for a refreshing new take on your Kusshi oysters

Local to BC, Kusshi oysters are known for their deep shells and meaty interiors

Although they're tasty on their own or with a splash of lemon, serve them with this black cherry mignonette for a little extra pizzazz.


  • 400 ml cherry juice (2 lbs of whole cherries will produce 600 ml of juice)
  • 10 oz black cherry vinegar
  • 4 oz brunoise fennel
  • 4 oz brunoise shallots
  • 4 Tsp black pepper
  • 5 Kusshi oysters per person


  1. Serve Kusshi oysters on a small rectangular glass plate with a ramekin of mignonette.
  2. Use fennel fronds and a few half cherries for garnish.

Recipe courtesy of The Fairmont Waterfront’s Executive Chef, Patrick Dore, whose Local Source menu features regionally inspired courses with suggested Okanagan wine pairings. Learn more about The Fairmont's Herons Restaurant and Lounge.