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Photo Essay: Vancouver Island’s Majestic Terrain

Vancouver Island's beauty is undeniable, and these images will remind you of how important it is to keep it that way

Credit: SparkyLeigh

Clayquot Sound





As beautiful as the City of Vancouver is, a trip to the Island can make for a refreshing change of scenery. The ferry ride to Vancouver Island alone provides unparalleled views of sparkling emerald water, vast forests and rolling mountains that are unique to BC.

Whether you visit the bustling Victoria Harbour, go storm watching in Tofino or hike the Pacific Crest Trail, Vancouver Island’s offers the perfect surrounding for getting back in touch with nature. For families, spending the day in one of the many world-renowned national parks can remind kids and adults alike of B.C.’s stunning natural beauty.

Tofino (Credit: Imogene Huxam)

While almost all of these activities can be enjoyed without paying out-of-pocket, there is a contribution we can make to enable future generations to enjoy the same wonderful natural environment we do today. To keep B.C. beautiful and full of life, we have to protect it.

Autumn in Vancouver Island
Autumn on Vancouver Island (Credit: Nick Kenrick)


All efforts to clean up the province are valuable, no matter how big or small, and there is great power in numbers. That’s why Multi-Material BC (MMBC) wants to remind residents and visitors to the Island that recycling plays an important part in maintaining healthy communities.  

Vancouver Island sunset

Vancouver Island sunset (Credit: Nick Kenrick)


By reducing energy consumption and giving materials a second life, recycling helps to reduce greenhouse gases. Rapidly rising greenhouse gases caused by human activity are contributing to global warming and rising sea levels, threatening B.C. coastal communities and our way of life.

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park
Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park (Credit: Jai)


B.C. is a recycling leader, and many new items have been added to the blue box in recent years. Most household aluminum, steel, plastic, cardboard, boxboard, foam and glass packaging, cartons and printed paper can be recycled at the curb or at MMBC depots.

By tossing these materials in the trash, landfills get nearer to capacity, forcing them to take up more space where parks, trails and attractions could be instead. By disposing of them on the ground, they pollute the Earth and create a public eyesore. What a thing to do to such a pretty place!

old tree
(Credit: Mike)  


Be careful not to over-recycle though. For example, plastics that have come in contact with hazardous wastes (paint, oil, vehicle lubricants, antifreeze, commercial pesticides, etc.) and plastic products such as furniture, tools and toys cannot be recycled with household recycling, but possibly through another recycling program.

Furthermore, plastic bags that are sold as products are not able to be recycled by MMBC. This includes cellophane wrap, zipper-lock bags, freezer, snack and garbage bags, and plastic shipping materials. Most other packaging and printed paper can be recycled, so make sure not to throw them in the trash. We can all make a difference in keeping B.C., and Vancouver Island, beautiful for many generations to come.

Vancouver Island
(Credit: Rupert Kim)


To learn more about Multi-Material BC’s campaign to keep British Columbia clean, natural, and beautiful, visit their website and blog.