In search of a trail

The team sets trail for Kinney Lake in Mt. Robson Provincial Park, the most beautiful lake our blogger Mike has ever seen.

Credit: Flickr / SergiPlanas / CC BY 2.0

Pictured: Kinney Lake,

Mt. Robson Provincial Park, BC


Mt. Robson, Aug 7–9

I arrived at camp a day earlier than the rest of the participants, so I had a bit of extra time to get settled and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mt. Robson. When we went to pick up the rest of the crew from Valemount, they were all waiting outside of the bus depot. I attempted to place the names I already knew with the new faces. I think I guessed at least four correctly!

It is now Day 4 and we are already getting to know each other as we talk amongst ourselves. Two days ago, we did a 4.3 kilometre walk/hike up to Kinney Lake. The trail follows along the banks of the Robson River up to the lake—which is, by the way, the most beautiful lake I have seen in my life. Just the way the surrounding mountains reflected off the blue-green water.

Yesterday, we drove out in search of a trail that would take us to the headwaters, but were unsuccessful in finding it. Although the morning did not go exactly as planned, we did drive around and look for a potential camp site for future SLLP trips. This was fine by me because us as participants had the opportunity to give our opinion to the facilitators about the potential sites.

And today… we hit the books and maps… all day… and stuck to the campsite. Made for a nice, relaxed kind of day, I almost fell asleep a couple of times. And now I can smell dinner cooking.