Top Spots to View Cherry Blossoms Across B.C.

Must-visit locations to catch a glimpse of spring blossoms across the province

Spring has sprung! What better way to take advantage of the nice weather than to revel in the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms? This is the time Vancouverites and visitors alike head on out to the streets to admire the annual pink spectacle. 

Worried you’ll miss out if you’re not based in Vancouver? Fret-not! No matter which city you’re located in B.C., you’ll still get a chance to see the cherry blossoms and snap a picture or two. Here are some top spots to check off your to-go list:

Karisa Cheng

Lower Mainland: 

Yaletown – David Lam Park 

Revel in a sea of cherry blossom petals at this Yaletown park. You’ll find rows of cherry blossom trees decorating the border of the park, forming a pink field among the cityscape. Many people picnic here in late March through April to take advantage of the floral view. 

 South Cambie – Queen Elizabeth Park

A Vancouverite favourite, Queen Elizabeth Park offers a selection of both Akebono (shell pink) and Umineko (white) cherry blossom trees. This 130-acre park is large enough to accommodate large crowds, so be prepared to spend your time there with many other groups. 

Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC

The Nitobe Memorial Garden is a more quant and intimate option for you to view cherry blossoms in small groups. You can admire the florals in this traditional Japanese stroll garden located on UBC’s point grey campus. *Note: Admission fee is required for entry!

Vancouver – Stanley Park 

Enjoy a scenic walk in Stanley Park while being showered with cherry blossom petals! Located right along the Pacific Ocean, this park gives you a lovely view of the shimmering waters, just steps away from the soft pink blooms. Head over to the Rose Garden, Beaver Lake or along Stanley Park Drive to get the best view. 

Downtown Vancouver – Burrard SkyTrain Station

Visit this walkway just outside of the Burrard SkyTrain station (on the Expo line) with arching cherry blossoms overhead. This is an unassuming spot, but definitely a lovely surprise for cherry blossom viewing! The cherry blossom trees along the station feel like a floral frame for your photos!

Karisa Cheng

Interior B.C.:

Kelowna – Kempf Orchards

You can catch a glimpse of cherry blossom trees, amongst other spring blooms, at Kempf Orchards in Kelowna. Although these blossoms are harvested more so for their cherry fruits than for their blooms, they share a similar aesthetic as their counterparts in the Lower Mainland. Visit now to see the beautiful blooming flower, then again two months later to harvest the fruit!

Upper Mission – Sun City Cherries

Visit the cherry blossoms at this fruit farm before the fruits are ready to be harvested. You can catch the blooms along the outside of the property, outstretched on the road. If you’d like to visit inside the farm, you can pay for entry and enjoy a walk-through between the rows of cherry blossom trees. 

Osoyoos – Van Kalkeren Fruit

This family-owned fruit stand houses a variety of fruit orchards, including cherry blossom trees. Head on over during early April to see the blooms before fruit harvesting season! 

Looking for more cherry blossom-themed activities to do around town this spring? Check out the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival for more pop-ups and fairs to explore the beauty and cultural significance behind these florals.