Where to Enjoy Nature and Namaste on Bowen Island

While Bowen Island is a popular pick for adventure-seeking day trippers, it’s also an idyllic destination for a quiet weekend getaway

Credit: Bianca Bujan

Discover serenity by the sea just minutes from the city

Many people dream of enjoying a tranquil trip for one—a solo jaunt of serenity to write, rejuvenate, reconnect with nature or just relax in peace. While Nectar Yoga B&B on Bowen Island isn’t just for solo travellers, it definitely offers the perfect backdrop for those looking for a mini vacation—whether it be alone or with a companion.

Bowen Island’s waterside coves and trail-top lookouts are reason enough to visit the dazzling destination. Located in the heart of Howe Sound, and only a 20-minute ferry ride from West Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay, the scenic spot offers serenity by the sea, only minutes from the city. While Bowen Island is a popular pick for adventure-seeking day trippers, it’s also an idyllic destination for a quiet weekend getaway, and Nectar Yoga B&B is the perfect venue for a serene escape.

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Credit: Bianca Bujan

The geodesic yoga dome

Nestled in the trees, the geodesic dome (a sphere-like frame structure composed of a complex network of triangles) offers a unique and peaceful space for yoga practice. Featuring a light-drenched semicircle on its face and amazing acoustics, the yoga dome allows visitors to be fully immersed in both nature and namaste. This magical orb in the woods will have you feeling at one with your surroundings while finding your inner om.

Credit: Bianca Bujan

The rejuvenating yoga

Taught by the property’s host, Andrea (also known as Amrita, a Sanskrit which means Nectar), the yoga sessions expand far beyond the poses practiced in many urban studios. Amrita explains the various areas of yoga, and focuses on alignment, breathing and a Sivananda style of yoga. Amrita has studied and shared her yoga practice internationally and offers worldwide exotic retreats for yogis who are looking to find their om in new and enchanting places around the globe.

Credit: Bianca Bujan

The delicious breakfast

After a rejuvenating morning yoga session, refuel with a delicious, freshly made, vegetarian breakfast, served right to your door. While the menu varies, each breakfast comes complete with coffee, tea and organic fruit—all locally grown and sourced.

Credit: Bianca Bujan

The luminous loft

The ambiance of the beach-inspired Nectar Loft is as cool and serene as its forested surroundings. The decor combines crisp whites with ocean-inspired turquoise hues, and the space offers cushion-covered chairs and couches creating comfy resting spots. The cottage includes free wifi, a TV with an assortment of DVDs, a fully-equipped kitchenette and a well-stocked bathroom. Visitors can rest their heads on the cozy loft bed while gazing at the trees through the large triangular windows. The B&B also features a snug Forest Cottage, complete with an open-air outdoor shower and intimate forest views.

Credit: Bianca Bujan

The wild friends

Don’t be surprised if you see deer peering in as you stretch in the yoga dome. The property is so peaceful and welcoming, even the wildlife want to wander through its space and enjoy the serenity.