Which B.C. Campsite is the Best Match for You?

Take this quiz to discover which local campground ticks all your outdoor adventure boxes

Take this quiz to discover which local campground ticks all your outdoor adventure boxes

Camping season is upon us once again, but deciding on which park is right for yousight unseencan be stressful. We’ve compiled five awesome campgrounds (all under an hour-and-a-half drive from Vancouver) and highlighted some of their best features.

So before you pack up the car, take this quiz and help narrow down where you should set up camp this season…


1. Which best describes the camping experience you’re looking to have? 

  1. I want to be around lots of people and have plenty of water sport options for the whole family.
  2. I need space, privacy and alone time with my thoughts.
  3. I want an adventure and lots of off-roading opportunities.
  4. I want to go somewhere where there’s action all day long.
  5. There has to be space for the kids to run wild.

2. What camping activities are on your must-do list? 

  1. I need somewhere that I can drop a fishing line in the water.
  2. I like a gentle float on a quiet lake and there has to be a hike nearby so I can explore.
  3. I can’t wait to get muddy and go off-roading.
  4. Give me a floatie parade with all my friends and some tunes.
  5. I’m ready to park myself at the beach all day.

3. How much are you looking to “rough it” versus having access to some modern conveniences? 

  1. I want to feel like I’m in nature, but still have all my gear.
  2. I’m fine with my tent and my car.
  3. I’m totally fine with disconnecting from everything. 
  4. I don’t mind backpacking if it means I get a great spot.
  5. I’d like the option of an electrical hookup and being close enough to town for a grocery run.

4. How important is vehicle access to you? 

  1. The family has so much stuff we need two cars to camp.
  2. I prefer to camp with my car next to me.
  3. Where can I park my ATV?
  4. I don’t mind hiking my gear in and keeping it simple.
  5. I want to be mobile and able to drive to nearby hikes.

5. Let’s talk location! What is your ideal road trip?  

  1. I need a short drive, but still want to feel like I’m deep in nature.
  2. I want an easy drive so I can start relaxing right away.
  3. The four-wheel drive is ready to get off the main roads!
  4. I want to leave everything behind, and my car can handle a few bumps.
  5. I enjoy a scenic drive, but not a long one.

If you answered…

Golden Ears Provincial ParkGolden EarsFacebook/BC Parks (Golden Ears)Golden Ears has a huge campground (actually three, plus backcountry) in one of the largest parks in the province. Alouette Lake provides endless activities both on the water and at the beach. It’s always very busy, especially on long weekends, and there isn’t much privacybut if you have kids or just want to have fun and constant access to water, this is a safe bet.

Rolley Lake Provincial Park
Rolley LakeBC Parks/Rolley Lake Provincial ParkLess than an hour’s drive from Vancouver, Rolley Lake is not exactly a remote campground, and while close to Golden Ears, it’s much quieter. The campgrounds are a short distance away from the beach and day-use areas, so your site will be nice and serene. There is a trail where you can hike around the lake itself and a small waterfall nearby. Also, no powerboats are allowed here, so your float or paddle will be undisturbed.

Rocky Point (& Rock Creek) Recreation Sites, Stave Lake Stave LakeStave LakeThere are a few campgrounds on Stave Lake that are great if you want to spend your daytime bombing around on your ATV. Rocky Point is particularly busy with adventure-seekers, but you could also try Rock Creek. Rocky Point is right on the water and Rock Creek is by, well, a creek. The road in is rough, but if this is your preferred version of camping, that shouldn’t be a problem.  
Cat Lake Recreation Site
Cat LakeCat LakeCat Lake is definitely unique, being entirely first-come, first-served (get there early or ahead of people on the weekend), and you have to hike your gear in. But once you’re set up on one of the sites that surround the lake, put air in your floatie and get out on the water. There are also beach areas and docks that you can hang out at as well if you prefer to stay on land. Technically you can also fish in this lake, but you’ll have to get up pretty early, as the lake is busy all day long.

Alice Lake Provincial Park 
Alice LakeBC Parks/Alice LakeOne of the best and busiest swimming lakes in the area, Alice Lake has a lot of fun to offer. If you want a smaller version of something like Golden Ears, this is a great spot. There are large beach areas and floating docks, as well as a ton of hikes in and around the park for both hiking and biking. There is a large, but not too large, campground, including some walk-in sites, and sites with electrical hook-ups if you don’t want to rough it too much.