Discover Hong Kong Disney in a Day

Explore all the top attractions at Hong Kong's pint-sized theme park

Explore all the top attractions at Hong Kong’s pint-sized theme park

Fans of Mickey Mouse and his magic kingdom who are travelling toor throughHong Kong, will love the enchanting rides and attractions on offer at the world’s smallest Disney park. Short on time? Not a worry, as thanks to its tiny footprint and fewer crowdswhen compared to its North American counterpartsa day is all you need at Hong Kong Disneyland.

From thrilling high-speed coasters to fairy-tale adventures with beloved storybook characters, here are seven must-see spectacles at Hong Kong Disneyland…


1. Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Expect a symphony for the senses when Donald Duck absconds with Mickey’s sorcerer’s hat and conductor’s baton in the 3-D cinematic adventure Mickey’s PhilharMagic. During the dreamlike 12 minutes you’ll embark on an enchanting journey to visit some of Disney’s famous tales and tunes. Be a guest in the Beast’s opulent dining hall, singing along with Chip, Mrs. Potts and Lumière. Plunge into a wonderful world of mystical creatures in Ariel’s undersea grotto. Take a night flight with Peter Pan over London, then hold on tight for a high-speed ride through Agrabah on Aladdin’s magic carpet. From fantastical animation on a 150-foot wide wraparound screen, to special sensory effects, you’re in for a larger-than-life Disney experience.


2. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

Prepare yourself for a high-speed adventure aboard a crazy runaway coaster. This fast-paced ridesuitable for thrill seekers 44” and talleris one of Hong Kong Disneyland’s top attractions. The excitement begins inside the Big Grizzly Mountain Mining Co. building, where you’ll board a rickety mine cart. Once the ride starts you’ll venture into a dark tunnel, at which point there’s no turning back. Throughout the hair-raising exploration of the old gold mine you’ll whip around a barren canyon, plummet down a mine shaft and fly backwards along the track into a cave full of explosives. You’ll know the ride is coming to an end when your cart shoots forward to the finishing line at lightning speed.


3. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Take a magical journey through the Hundred Acre Wood with Pooh and the gang on this whimsical trackless ride. Step into a giant honeypot and float through the colourful pages of A. A. Milne’s top tales. During the quirky adventure, you’ll be swept off your feet in a windy gust, play a bouncy game of hide and seek with Tigger, fall into a dreamland with singing heffalumps and woozles, and celebrate with favourite friends at a party for Pooh. Suitable for all ages, the popular attraction garners such a draw that it’s one of the few rides offering a FastPass. It’s also one of the only classic Disney dark rides in the park.


4. Iron Man Experience

Head to Stark Industries in Tomorrowland for your chance to help save Hong Kong from doom and destruction. Wearing StarkVision 3-D glasses, you’ll board the Iron Wing for a flight over the city skyline. Within moments of take-off, the expedition is diverted, after word that Hydra’s giant robots are terrorizing citizens. Throughout the high-speed motion-simulated 3-D attraction, the Iron Wing manages to dodge explosions, collapsing streets and monstrous robotic beasts, to save Hong Kong. Hyper-realistic computer animation is perfectly paired with motion-simulation for a masterful Marvel-themed experience.


5. Mystic Manor

Discover exotic artifacts on a tour of Lord Henry Mystic’s manor house. Upon settling into the attraction’s trackless Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage, you’ll glide through the eccentric explorer’s private museum, in search of priceless antiques from around the globe. Unfortunately, the tour is interrupted by Lord Henry’s assistant Albertaa mischievous monkeywhen he accidentally releases a magical spirit that brings historic treasures to life. Chilling music, eerily realistic animation and sensory effects create a magically frightening ride through the manor’s eight galleries. Steady yourself for terror-inducing moments, like an ancient sarcophagus dissolving into a scurry of skittering bugs and a crossbow aiming an arrow between your eyes. Being brave will earn you some bragging rights, as Hong Kong Disneyland is the only park you’ll find Mystic Manor.


6. Festival of the Lion King

Secure a seat for a colourful explosion of song, dance, feathers and fancy. This first-class musical production tells the story of how Simba transforms from cuddly cub to king of the pride lands. In an action-packed performance, the talented cast of actors, singers, acrobats and fire dancers mesmerize Disney fans of every age, with beautiful renditions of the Lion King’s most spellbinding scenes. From Hakuna Matata with Timon and Pumbaa, to a breathtaking rendition of the Circle of Life, this live theatrical show promises a delightful uplifting surprise, and a welcome break from the park’s fun-filled outdoor attraction.


7. Character Breakfast

Book breakfast at the Dragon Wind for an amazing buffet-spread of Chinese cuisineDisney-style. Located in the park’s newest hotel, Explorers Lodge (pictured), the restaurant’s design and menu is inspired by Feng Shui’s five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. While there is an abundance of western fare on offer, it’s best to save your strength for the delicious array of signature dishes from rural and classical provincial China. Must-munch morsels include the Cantonese barbeque pork buns, prawn dumplings, salted egg-custard buns and steamed rice flour rolls. Post-feast, enjoy a meet-and-greet with Mickey and Minnie, where Disney photographers are on hand to capture the moment, and will happily snap some shots with your camera as well.


Magical Enhancements

If you’re taking advantage of a Hong Kong layover and want to do Disney in a day, it’s critical to arrive well-rested. And while kids can usually sleep in any fare class, Cathay Pacific’s premium economy cabin ensures a comfortable, restful flight for parents. For this small splurge, you’ll stretch out with more leg roomand elevated foot restand benefit from a wider seat with lower recline. Look for special premium economy sales or take your chances by booking a standard seat and bidding for an upgrade one week prior to your flight.

Another way to elevate the Disney experience is by staying at a park resort to access exclusive privileges, including priority passes to your choice of two popular attractions as well as seat reservations for a show. All three onsite resorts also offer a free shuttle to and from Disneyland. Finally, before you go, download the official Hong Kong Disneyland app for a park map, attraction wait times and locations of character appearances.