Find Your Creativity Up in the Air

EVA Air celebrates creative possibilities that abound in flight

EVA Air celebrates creative possibilities that abound in flight

What do you typically do when you jet off on a dream getaway or head to a business conference? Read? Watch a movie? Maybe take a nap? While work may be that the last thing on your mind, flying presents the perfect opportunity for many travellers to find inspiration.

One in four travelers say they have their best ideas in the air. Some argue that using time to work while up in the friendly skies makes them more productive. Why? Because you can focus on a project for hours, free of interruptions.

Leveraging this insight, EVA Air’s new creative campaign celebrates the abundance of inspiration that exists in the air. Ranked by both Travel and Leisure and TripAdvisor among the world’s top 10 international air carriers, EVA also uses the campaign to elevate its Skytrax-rated five-star service, acknowledging that when all of your needs are met, your mind is clear for takeoff.

The airline’s new ad features artists, taking flight with their creativity—quite literally. Working collaboratively with the MullenLowe Group, EVA Air’s ad, Your Mind Is Clear for Takeoff, shines a light on three of the brightest rising stars in their respective fields: illustrator Llew Mejia, model-turned-landscape-designer Lily Kwong and new-media artist Zach Lieberman.

Teaming up with New York-based, Emmy-nominated director Floyd Russ, the eye-catching video offers a glimpse into the lives of these artists, both in-flight and interacting during their travels abroad. (You might recognize Floyd’s name. His documentary short, Zion, recently, premiered at Sundance and was purchased by Netflix.)

Floyd’s passion for bringing unique points of view to life is unrivalled. His attention to detail is evident throughout the campaign, as he tells the stories of these three exceptionally talented individuals.

The film captures Llew, a stylistic illustrator skilled in hand-drawn images, pattern/print, packaging, branding and computer-generated graphics, as he collaborates with Taiwanese artist Vastar. At the same time, Lily—dubbed one of 120 most important fashion influencers by Vogue and among the “Young New Yorkers Poised for Creative Greatness” by The New York Times—learns about native Taiwanese floral from a local. And Zack, an award-winning tech visionary whose recent work was listed by Time among the 50 best inventions of the year, demonstrates the capabilities of augmented reality to a gathering of youth, though they don’t speak each other’s languages.

Cameras also catch the artists in EVA Air Royal Laurel Class business seats at work. Each of the three was inspired by their travels to Taipei and used their flight time to create new works.

Increasingly, the time many EVA Air Business Class passengers spend in-flight is becoming less about getting to their destination and more about letting their creativity take flight. The airline is celebrating imagination and creative thinking. And as more and more of us use flight time as an opportunity to get work done, EVA Air will encourage passengers to translate new-found inspiration into their own “next big thing”.