The Roads Between Us: A Journey to Vietnam

Video: Join a Vancouver mother and daughter as they explore their roots, go shopping and narrowly avoid cultural mishaps in Vietnam

On a family adventure to Vietnam, a Vancouver mother and daughter explore their roots while bonding over shopping trips, food and some interesting attempts to communicate

A Journey to Vietnam

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Video Synopsis

“My family, like many families in Vancouver, BC, is of mixed heritage,” says Lara Kroeker, writer and producer of The Roads Between Us: A Journey to Vietnam. “My partner Loc is Vietnamese and I am Swiss/Irish but our roots are firmly embedded in Canadian soil. Our 12-year-old daughter Zoe is drawn to her Asian roots because of the stories her grandparents tell her about Vietnam. This is a digital story about our trip to Vietnam. I wanted to explore our connection to the country as a family and learn about a culture wildly different from our own. Mostly, I wanted to show my daughter that life exists beyond malls and corner stores.”

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Lara is the co-founder of Randomlink Interactive Inc. She is equally at home in front of the camera and on the road. As a child, she acted in a weekly television series, and regularly accompanied her tour host/organizer mother on international travels. Travel is in her blood, and Hit the Road builds on her previous travels with her daughter Zoe – including three months they spent travelling together across Africa when Zoe was six years old. Hit the Road has been up for two Webbies with previous episodes, “The Lost Cowgirl” and “Fishing for Time.”