Avoid Flight Delays with the World’s Most Punctual Airlines

Wondering about your airline’s track record for punctuality? Find out online?

Credit: Flickr/Lars Kristian Flem

Flickr/Lars Kristian Flem

Pick your airline based on punctuality to minimize flight delays

Flight delays are never fun, but now you can choose to fly with the most punctual airlines at home and abroad

a website that monitors the arrival and departure times of aircraft around the world has released punctuality statistics from some of the world’s top airlines. Here’s a look at how they stack up.

Most Punctual Airlines

In North America, Hawaiian Airlines took top ranking with a 92 per cent on-time rating, which was just ahead of Alaska Airlines with an 88 per cent on-time rating.

Of Canadian airlines, WestJet scored an on-time rating of 79 per cent, with Air Canada not too far behind at 76 per cent.

Overseas, SAS or Scandinavian Airlines definitely has something to celebrate, as it was once again named Europe’s most on-time airline for the second year in row. More than 90 per cent of SAS’s flights arrived on time between May 1 and July 31, 2010. 

Over that same period, Britain’s low-cost Ryanair beat out the pricier British Airways with a punctuality record of 69.18 per cent compared to 68.22 per cent, while U.K. competitor easyJet came in fourth from the bottom, with just over 50 per cent of its flights arriving on time.

How to Avoid — or Cope with — Flight Delays

Sometimes flight delays are simply an inevitable part of flying, but there are some things you can do to create a better travel experience.

  1. Book an early flight. If you’re one of the first to leave the ground in the morning, you’re much more likely to find yourself on time.

  2. Be prepared just in case. If you’re travelling with children, distractions are essential while waiting, so pre-plan by bringing along games and books.
  3. Laptops and portable DVD players are also a great help, allowing you to pass the time by watching a movie or two. Extra snacks and drinks are also a must. 

  4. It’s also a good idea to pack along a small blanket or pashmina for napping. Fold it up and put it in your carry-on bag if possible. 

Being prepared is especially important if you’re travelling on connecting flights, when missed flights and delays are more prevalent. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to rebook your flight because of a major delay or cancellation, try those do-it-yourself kiosks that are found in just about every airport these days. They’ll often save you a load of time that you would otherwise spend standing in line. 

And perhaps the best advice in the event of a flight delay: be patient and flexible!

Get Aerial Alerts Online

Flightstats.com was created by a technology company that specializes in providing information services to the transportation industry. 

In addition to helping the trade, the website offers a useful resource for travellers, providing information on airports and airlines, as well as travel warnings, advisories and downloadable consumer information sheets 

You can also download a mobile tool so that when you’re on the go, you can check flight times, track flights, receive email alerts and even find out the local weather conditions before you arrive.

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