Eating Right For a Flight

There's nothing worse than an upset stomach during a flight. Make sure you nibble on something that agrees with you even at 25,000 feet

Avoid foods that will upset your stomach on a flight

Eating right before a flight will help you have a bon voyage

We all know that food can affect the way you feel, and the last thing you want to feel at 35,000 feet is uncomfortable. While there are some foods and beverages you should avoid before and during a flight (like alcohol, caffeine and high sodium products), there are others that will help you arrive at your destination feeling happy and healthy. These tips will help you made the right meal decisions before boarding your next flight.

Good Things to Eat Before a Flight


Fruit is always a good idea, but oranges are a particularly great option. Not only are they packed with Vitamin C to help ward off the airplane cold, they are also hydrating.

Herbal Teas and Lemon Water

Beverages for optimal hydration are herbal teas and water with lemon. These caffeine-free alternatives also help soothe dry or sore throats.


The germs found in busy places like airports and airplanes (not to mention new foods in other countries) can do a number on your stomach. Yogurt is great for tummy troubles. The probiotics, or basically good bacteria, found in yogurt helps guard against future stomach bugs and helps regulate the digestive system. Perfect for before and during your trip.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are a good way to stave off in-flight hunger, but stick to a low-sugar option. I like Lara bars myself; they come in a ton of great flavours.

Bad Things to Eat Before a Flight

Fried Foods

I already mentioned avoiding salty foods and alcohol, but fried foods are also a big no-no. Although fast food restaurants seem convenient and can be tempting, those saturated fats are hard for your body to digest, especially in the air. There have also been studies linking saturated fat to the constriction of blood flow, which could increase your risk of Deep vein thrombosis.

Carbonated Beverages

Finally, try to stay away from carbonated beverages before and during your flight. Think of it this way: those tiny bubbles are like little balloons that can expand rapidly when the air pressure changes causing uncomfortable bloating. Try water or juice instead.


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