Find Travel Deals on Twitter

Make the most of Twitter by following these deal sharers

Credit: Flickr /jaypeg21

Flickr /jaypeg21

Many travel sites are catering to savvy travellers looking for the best deals on Twitter

If you’re looking for travel deals, try following these Twitter feeds

If you’re a Twitter user, you’re certainly in good company. A recent report from Twitter’s CEO says more than 145 million people share and receive information via Twitter. And if you’re a traveller, it can be a great resource.

The world’s top travel websites have taken their services to Twitter, where they’re creating their own real-time Twitter feeds to send out important and relevant information to their followers on a regular basis.

Twitter Sites to Help You Save on Travel

  • @BookingBuddy is the Twitter site for BookingBuddy – a website that generates news on great travel deals from a variety of other websites, including cruise lines, airlines, hotels and travel agencies. Follow these guys on Twitter and you’ll get regular updates on some of the hottest deals out there.
  • @FareCompareCS is another great Twitter site for people looking for cheap flights from Vancouver. Get real-time tweets from FareCompare when airfare prices drop from Vancouver to thousands of destinations worldwide via Twitter.
  • The popular travel review website TripAdvisor has also set up its own Twitter feed, @TripAdvisor, which presents the website’s massive amount of content in a more digestible form. More than 325,000 followers agree it’s a great resource for planning outings and finding hotel suggestions for any itinerary.
  • Smarter Travel is one of the world’s largest online travel resources for news, deals and timely expert advice, and if you follow their Twitter handle, @SmarterTravel, you’ll get direct messages on everything from what to do if your flight is cancelled to alerts about fee or mileage program changes.

Fun Travel Feeds on Twitter

  • @heather_poole – Here you’ll find some comedic tweets about the trials and tribulations of being a flight attendant. With more than 80,000 followers, you can be sure she’ll share some entertaining stuff. If you have some time to spare on your next layover or while waiting to board a plane, check out her site.
  • @Jaunted – The self-proclaimed “Pop Culture Travel Guide” is definitely the source for celebrity-centric travel news.
  • @Corptravel – Here you’ll find the latest industry news and how it affects business travellers.

These are only a few of the travel-related Twitter sites available. If you’re a frequent traveller, check them out. They’re likely to lead you to more helpful and entertaining travel information.