How to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

Don't return from a fantastic vacation feeling guilty about your waistline

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Choose fruit and veggies whenever possible to avoid gaining weight during your vacation

Choose fruit and veggies whenever possible to avoid gaining weight during your vacation.

How to make the most of your vacation without the weight-gain guilt

For many travellers, a vacation is a time to indulge in relaxation and treating yourself to food and drinks you might not necessarily have at home. But, if you aren’t careful, you can pack on the pounds.

Don’t get me wrong, you definitely deserve to splurge a little when on holiday, but it can be easy to take it too far. A recent U.K. study found that 6 out of 10 travelers gain weight during two-week vacations, and they typically put on five to seven pounds during their time away.

Combat Travel Weight Gain

In my opinion, walking around a city is the best way to avoid putting on weight, and it’s also the best way to see the sites and immerse yourself in the culture. See if there is a guided walking tour app available for you to download on your smartphone before you go. You can burn over 300 calories walking at a moderate pace, so this is a great way to get a workout without having to “work out”.

If you are on a cruise or at an all-inclusive resort, take advantage of the included activities. Rock climbing, water sports, volleyball – you name it.

Everything in Moderation During Your Trip

Unlimited all-inclusive buffets and cafes can be incredibly tempting and result in some serious extra calories. The best way to go about it is to limit yourself to the amount of meals you would normally eat at home, and balance your guilty pleasures with wise choices. For example, if you have a healthy breakfast and lunch, feel free to splurge a little at dinner.

It’s not just the food you have to worry about at an all-inclusive, but the unlimited alcohol and poolside piña coladas as well.

With some exotic cocktails topping out at about 500 calories each, they can really do a number on your waistline. Instead, try to keep those sugary, umbrella drinks to a minimum and stick to a wine or your favorite liquor with club soda or, even better, water!

If you are booking a vacation home or a hotel with a kitchenette, you have the option of dining in. Preparing your own meals is a great way to control your calories and your budget.

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